Those British people are all in their graves or in retirement homes. We’ve got a whole new bunch now.



Brexit dividend


I’m fine with that.


Holy shit :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I and the other 17.4 million voters voted to leave the EU like it said on the paper.

Step outside Remainiac central that is London and you’ll find more people wanting Independence.
Many MPs have vested interests it seems.

By constituency: 408 Leave, 242 remain.
By voting area: 263 Leave, 119 remain.
By party: Labour 148 leave, 84 remain.
Tory 247 leave, 80 remain.
By MP: 248 Leave, 400 remain.

Not mentioned by remainiacs as it does not fit in with Project Fear 2, but it was nice to see Portugal offer UK visitors to Portugal their own immigration sections in Faro airport and visa exempt entry.


crying :crocodile: tears hear…


brexit is like going backwards, they still have some small chance to fix that. Will be interesting to see if the UK now really wants that brexit or not. It may not ever happen the brexit.


Brexit is now mostly about not admitting they fucked up. So if they are going to fuck up they are going to do it their way. It was all On Purpose you see. The Plan from the Start. Thats the most popular single option, No Deal. Full steam ahead Britannia rules the waves glurrrghhh…

Of course that’s still only less than 30% of those polled but they’ll keep telling you thats what people wanted haha.

When you have the toffs and bankers and the communists and the europhiles and the English nationalists and the NI unionists and the Scots and everybody else in between it’s hard to keep that ship on any course whatsoever. It’s not a wonder that many of the crewmates decide that breaching it onto the nearest rocks sounds like a plan. The most valuable lesson of Brexit is that a referendum can create far more problems than it solves. I mean it was OBVIOUS that European membership is the biggest problem that the UK faces right now. It caused SO MANY PROBLEMS such as peace in Northern Ireland, labour rights, easy travel ,work , pension , insurance, trade and shipping arrangements, funds for poor regions and billions of investment to the UK.

The EU is DEFNITELY the root cause of massive inequality, toffs owning 1/3 of the land and huge parts of major cities (never mentioned in the press British are taught to think that’s normal under their class structure ), private schools creating a separate universe and funnel to success, under investment in the regions and creaking infrastructure, all those millions of immigrants from the subcontinent, dead end zero hour jobs… BREXIT is going to sort all that out !! (Dave is having a good chortle over the tea and biscuits in his shed right now…)


That you see it as an Independence vote is very interesting.
But you can’t even put a name on it.

I’ve never heard of Independence without a name !
There’s American Independence
Irish Independence
Brazilian Independence

But I ain’t ever heard of Independence with no country name before it :open_mouth:.


Oh, stop moaning. You can’t predict what’s going to happen any better than any of the other pundits. While I agree they’ve made a right pig’s ear of the whole thing, economic success (or failure) depends largely on belief. Fiat currency is just faith made flesh. The US dollar is strong because people believe that it is. The GBP is weak because people believe that it is. Endless carping about the sky falling on our heads is precisely what’s going to send the UK (such as it is) down the tubes.

Of course the problems aren’t entirely down to the EU … just as those benefits you mention are not. Leaving the Union will make things different, not necessarily better.

Whether things get better, as always, depends on the population and the leadership. I’ve never really been sure which is more important, but there’s no doubt in my mind that if the British people weren’t determined to look like such a bunch of victims and losers, Brexit has potential to make things better. Only people who need their bottoms wiped for them get upset when the bottom-wiper refuses to, uh, play ball.


I think Irish people in particular have a right to moan putting a hard border on our island.

For the other stuff, it’s just seen from afar. Europeans don’t really give two hoots in general.

A guy says they are going to Independence but cannot even name it.
That’s pretty weird. No that’s really weird!


I was red pilled in 1996.
Hence I only voted twice in my life. 1992 when I was first eligible to vote and the Referendum.
What the whole debacle with the remainiacs rejecting democracy (unless it suits them) it’s nice to see the electorate waking up to how the two party system is a farce.
5.1 million Labour voters voted to leave, Corbyn has alienated them (after being a Tony Bennite (anti-EU) for decades) after his loser’s vote possibility yesterday.
I don’t know anyone who voted for independence, who wants a return of the Empire.
I don’t know anyone who hates migrants or blames them (we know the problem is modern imperialists that have an agenda which includes the Davos EU).
The UK needs rebuilding. Being in the EU is not going to change that.


Since the border is with a country you seem to dislike (and I can’t say I blame you), is that such a problem? If you accept the principles of sovereignty, don’t the British have the right to put a border whereever they see fit?

I suspect that’s true, which is why I smell a rat when European politicians make such a massive fuss over it. What they fear most is loss of power.


What’s this 'independence ’ we keep hearing about ?

British independence ?
English independence ?
Native born British independence ?

Whats the plan ? Who’s behind it ? :open_mouth:


I didn’t say I disliked the UK. Never said that . As you see I know the UK fairly well and have many British friends and we get on very well.

I’m talking politics and also Irish sovereignty here on my side.
But we don’t like a hard border through our island. No matter whatever persuasion one is this is going to create a lot of problems . Northern Ireland has not done well over the years and it’s certainly not going to do better with a border back in place.


Independence from the EU.

Regarding the border, I remember seeing an article that quoted both the Irish and British would not implement a border. I saw a headline yesterday that stated the EU will implement the border.
The EU controls Ireland’s border?


Britain or England ?
Two of the four British nations dont want to leave the EU.
So how will this independence work out for the UK? Will there be a UK ?

Ireland as a member of the EU must implement border controls. That’s normal.

Britain will also need to implement border controls as it stops freedom of movement and trade from the EU.
That’s the reality . It’s a bad reality for NI and ROI. There are a lot of impacts, from security to economic and simple day to day getting your shit done.

Remember both NI and ROI have voted to STAY in the EU. This is going against 'the will of the people '.


I get that. One possibility would be for Eire to align with the UK and leave Europe, but clearly that’s not going to happen. It seems to me it would be a prime opportunity to just hand back NI to Eire. As far as I’m aware it’s only part of the UK because there are a significant number of the locals who think the union benefits them (hmmm … sounds familiar) but I doubt either Britain or Ireland benefits except in terms of people not bombing and shooting each other. It might be that the people who were bombing and shooting each other are senile enough to have forgotten why they did it, and re-union would be fairly painless.


I wish it were as simple as handing NI back but I think we all know its not so simple and there are strong feelings in the different communities. That’s why the EU worked particularly well to gloss over the differences and ignore for the most part a border between the countries. I think northern Ireland integrating economically with the republic would give a boost to the whole island, at the moment NI is the poorest region of the UK and far poorer than the Republic. At the time of partition of the Irish state NI was the richest part of Ireland by far .