Clearly, then, the benefits of remaining part of the UK aren’t very impressive.

Sounds like it’s time for a referendum? :wink:


Probably give it a few years :sweat_smile:


Dyson is moving its headquarters to Singapore - but ‘not because of Brexit’

I’m actually shocked at how big Dyson is. Hats off to them a very successful company. Their growth rate is much higher than the folks I work for. Their focus on the Asian market and production is also logical.

As I predicted Amsterdam will boom from Brexit. It’s going to get super expensive which is a pity too.

Facebook and Salesforce also announced huge investments for Dublin.


It’s what they call it when you move out of your mom’s basement.

Which many young’uns in the US aren’t doing these days.


fight fight fight! Seriously though how can a border between Ireland and Ireland be a border with a country that Mr Jones doesn’t like?

What was that again…errmmm oh yea: fight fight fight!

Or alteratively how about thats enough referrendums for the moment pleaseee mister Cameron


In name only, of course. NI is theoretically the United Kingdom. The fact that it really isn’t is what makes the whole charade so stupid. Hence my suggestion to put humpty dumpty back together again.

My point was that there are strong parallels between Brexit and the (now long forgotten) debate over whether NI should remain part of the UK. NI is clearly not deriving any benefits from the union, nor is the UK deriving any benefit from maintaining control over an uninteresting bit of territory on an island they should really not be interfering with. So what’s the point?


The main point really is just not getting into the fight fight fight situation again.


Sure, but times change. Men grow old and settle down to watch sports on TV instead of meeting in pubs to decide who they’re going to kneecap this week. I don’t live there, obviously, so I don’t have my ear to the ground, but it looks to me as if the situation is a lot less tense than it was 40 years ago. Or 100 years ago.


Working class areas are segregated with walls , politics is them versus us, the devolved government is in the freezer until people can agree on which way is up.

But yea troubles over. Hence the importance of not messing with the program. (because some issues that lay behind the troubles are not over)


More bad news. You can’t get more direct than that.

In a video message released on Thursday, Tom Enders, the chief executive, warned that if there was a no-deal Brexit, Airbus would have to make “potentially very harmful decisions for the UK”.

He added: “Please don’t listen to the Brexiteers’ madness which asserts that because have huge plants here we will not move and we will always be here. They are wrong.”

The European aerospace group is one of the biggest manufacturers in the UK, where it employs more than 14,000 people. A further 110,000 supply chain jobs depend on its operations, which have an annual turnover of £6bn.


One of the reasons Germany’s economy has been so strong under the Euro, is because of the artificial weakness of the Euro, meaning if the DM were still around, it would be really strong, thus negatively hurting Germany’s exports of hi-tech machines, etc.

So, what Is this Airbus guy saying?
Will the Pound collapse if there is a hard-Brexit?
If so, those Airbuses made in UK suddenly look cheap to buyers -> positive to Airbus.
But, what if Pound rises on hard-Brexit you ask? Then it means investors are liking it and feel UK will come out the better for it.
Does the Airbus guy care about his firm or the UK?

This is my :2cents:


There will be winners and there will be losers.

The usual gang of idiots will point to the losers and say “we told you so.”

The winners won’t care. And the general population? There is no general population separate from the winners and losers. If the winners outnumber the losers then the winners will BE the general population, and it will be the general population telling the usual gang of idiots to sod off.

It will come off like the US press whining about how the shutdown is impacting government workers and their related parasites, while the rest of us are thinking: “screw those bastards anyway.”


However the Remainers paint it .
We had the largest Referendum in our History …to Leave
We has a General Election , where BOTH parties , i.e 80% of Parliament stated that they would honour the decision.
We had a parliamentary vote on Article 50 , giving a Leave date …DEAL or NO DEAL.
Is it any wonder people are dismayed , seeing Politicians denying these facts and trying to dismiss them …however much they may disagree with them.
If Parliament voted today on a Leave vote and the Mp’s actually voted to mirror their constituency voters , it would pass. The issue is Politicians ignoring their constituents and the Law . The Law was passed on Article 50 and they are trying to reverse that.
Of course this delay is concerning. Of course leaving will be painful . Of course many disagree…but you know what …it’s irrelevant .


The Airbus guy couldn’t make it clearer what he is saying.

He cares about Airbus that’s his job. It’s also the job of 14,000 others in the UK. They will care about their job and so will all the other suppliers and the people who live in those surrounding villages .


Screw which bastards? The postman ?


Again, if the Pound weakens it is HUGELY positive for Airbus. So, what he is actually silently implying and believing by being so namby-pamby worried about Brexit is that he forecasts the Pound to strengthen, which actually means Brexit is good.
Understand the correlation?


The pound is already weak. If you think it getting weaker will be a boom you would be wrong. There would likely be massive inflation and riots and it would be harder to pay buy back foreign debt and borrow.
It will wipe out a lot of savers. Pensioners would get hit badly.
I heard Airbus already started moving people to France since last year. Airbus needs frictionless shipping and also political support. It’s not looking too great right now.


The Pound is weak, because F/X traders do not like uncertainty, the uncertainty right now as we chat being the final actual outcome.
No trader, be it F/X or equities, likes uncertainty, so it is generally a negative impact on a stock or currency when it appears and stays so long.


Look at Iceland after it blew up.
No riots. And then it went on a tear in terms of yearly GDP growth.

What % of UK debt is in Euros and what % in Pound?


Iceland is a massive island with huge resources and just 200,000 people. They don’t make Airbus wings in Iceland.

I don’t know what percentage debt is foreign, I don’t get paid in pounds anymore so I don’t care :).
I would be crying if I was though…