So you are saying it’ll be good if the uncertainty reduces, after hard brexit. But that would be bad for Airbus jobs ?

Airbus supports thousands of very hgh paid jobs in the UK. It would be best to listen to what they are saying.


My forecast is that the UK is only better off long term, again LONG TERM, doing a hard-Brexit. Anything short of that will be a disaster long term for the UK.
If there is a hard-Brexit, long term the Pound strengthens against the Euro.

Mire info later…


Long term we are all dead!


long term is a few years. Be positive


I’m positive with my Euros.
Seriously I do hope it works out for the best and that means avoiding hard brexit.


Britain joined the EEC in 1973.
Kind of a nice downward trend in GDP growth, since 1973, after decades of uptrend/solid growth following the war.
Look at that HARD slap down to its growth right on 1973. Can’t get any clearer than that.
The EEC/EU has not been good to the UK.
Moreover, the UK has lost about every court ruling in the European Court.
For migrants, Muhammad is now the #1 name among newborns.

What has the EU done for the UK?


That was when Britain had to ask for an IMF loan (the original U in PUG) and the OPEC crisis . Nothing to do with the EU.

The UK did realy well from EU membership, big beneficiary, finance industry biggest in EU, tHen a lot of high tech manufacturing and services, the 80s-2000s were very good overall for UK not withstanding issues in N England…


Monty Python jokes aside, there will only be more Muhammads after Brexit. Where do you think big business is going to get its cheap labour from when the Eastern Europeans leave?


Thatcher’s deregulations helped UK in the 80s, not the EU. Same with Reagan’s deregulations in the US. The EU is a regulation system, not a de-regulation system.


Do you see all those Mohammeds working as cheap labor in Germany and elsewhere?
No, they are not. They feel it’s beneath them, unlike the so-called Protestant work ethic of the old UK and the US.
Instead, they roam around European cities in small/big gangs. And some even rape/kill.
The fact is, there has been zero integration on Muslims’ own volition into European society, whereas the EU has forced Europeans to integrate into Muslim culture.


That’s an interesting point, but why have you quoted my question?


So readers can see I’m answering your question. Why else? :slight_smile:


Do you mean there won’t be increased immigration from poorer countries after Brexit?


Why should UK target poor countries.
It should target intelligent and/or hard-working immigrants.
As one can see, Muslims are far from both.
Indians are very smart and generally integrate into society well. The US hi-tech has targeted msny Indian engineers to cone to the US to work.


So, British born people will need to do the unskilled jobs like picking fruit?


The proper answer is imports of cheap fruit from elsewhere, but I think you realize that. Just like in the US. We get lots of fruit from South America.
Now if you like high-priced 有機 fruit, then your wallet is on its own.


Oranges are not the only fruit. There are many unskilled jobs that cannot be imported. Unless you import the labour.

If you think the nice chaps at the top are going to put the interests of British born working people above those of the interests of big business you’re going to get a shock after March 29th.

I’m a, marginal, supporter of Brexit by the way. But it’s not going to result in England’s Dreamland.


Agree. Won’t be a trip to Disneyland for sure, but the EU is sinking. The UK has a great chance to get off the ship before final port call.
On a side note, the Yellow Vests in France aren’t leaving, and the mainstream media aren’t even covering it any more, just like all the rapes, killings, etc. by immigrants throughout Europe are never in tbe big English language media.
Wish there were some Frenchmen on forumisa with some insight into how the common man feels.


The yellow vests in France demand lower taxes and higher benefits.

That’s how some common men feel.


So now the UK wants to jump out of a regulated market, hoe will it get back in without following some of the regulations ?

For instance a lot of people don’t understand that the aerospace industry is highly regulated. Just because you leave the EU doesn’t mean you can avoid the regulations .