I am pretty sure that they were imported by an overly lax regime of lettuce, and rabbits, and then when they got in they started eating the lettuce directly and the rabbits had to go underground.

(There is a conspiracy that the Normans brought the rabbits but thats bull)

The big loosers were the lettuce who would up themselves getting traded on the markets as a direct result, and their quality was poor too so their prices were not very high.


It was the local population that got integrated with the Normans.


Et c’uest pour sa qu’on dizt le “Grand Bretange” c’uest eun faizt le “Grand Nourmand”


No it wasn’t actually in many cases but I wouldn’t expect you to know that so no worries.


I do love a good literalist.


Yes they are quite tasty when roasted slowly and then drowned in relish


They’re a lovely garnish for a word salad.



…It’s all abot misdirecting that anger and frustration and class division…

British working class are still generally supporters of their monarchy and believe in the class system as being normal, so it must be the foreigners fault. They’ve been taught that the UK is a special country now and in history. To question the class system would be to question history itself.

Also they have very little political leverage due to the centralised political control in Westminster and first past the post system. Most of them wouldn’t even understand that so…Must be foreigners.


Waddaya mean misdirecting? It is entirely clear that it is the Jewish pirates of Jamaica EU who are entirely responsible for a widespread lack of employment and affordable housing, substance abuse, educational failures, and a poor body image. (Also stealing Corbyns brain). And we ain’t taking that lying down, no siree!


That’s Han Guo-yu level of stupidity. :rofl:


would certainly be ONE way to lose weight for fat UKers.


Brexit shitshow rolls on.
Latest strategy .

Fingers in ears…Charge!!


Brexit comedy




EU is just fine.
It’s the UK we have to worry about it. Headless mummy running around in circles at the moment !


The global pot of soup needs to be stirred every few decades or more, else the ingredients stick together or turn gunky.


EU hasn’t been doing too well and is kinda struggling but UK is truly fucked if nothing’s done before the end of March.


The EU has a great standard of living and peace in our time. Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, Ireland all doing pretty well to very well. Don’t see the 'struggling part ’ mostly.

Brexit is causing problems for Ireland but Holland looms Iike it’s going to be benefit. Two sides to every coin.
Even Spain and Greece and Portugal are doing better.


If the EU was doing so well, one of their largest member states wouldn’t have left and there wouldn’t be a wave of far-right politics raging all over. Hungary and Poland are quasi-authoritarian regimes now. Economically, EU’s economy size peaked in 2008, so did many of EU member states including some of those who are doing fine like the Netherlands. It’s the furthest thing from doing well.

I’m not against the EU, but you can’t deny that the past decade has been extremely rough especially for Western Europe. The technologies and innovations of the 10s all come from the US (smartphone, internet revolution) while much of Germany doesn’t even have freakin’ 4G TODAY.

Btw, an unemployment rate of close to 15% a decade into the crisis means that the painful recovery has been dragging on for 10 years. That’s hardly something to be proud of. Can you imagine an unemployment rate of 15% in Taiwan now? Even at the height of the crisis it was like 10% at most.