On paper, at least.


Interesting choice of phrase, considering the immediate circumstances :slight_smile:


Don’t use the British as an example about the EU, they were always half in half out moaners :smile:


On paper, no reality…


EU still has incredibly high living standards and high incomes on a worldwide basis. In terms of working hours, medical, schools, security, equality, clean environment, ability to move between 27 countries freely …Nowhere better.

Germany has a very strong economy it’s a bad choice to make your point! Having absorbed Eastern Germany too…
The last decade was rough for a lot of places , still many have recovered fairly well or are better than ever e.g Poland.

If you read back they were saying the Euro would collapse…Never happened.


Germany has a current unemployment rate of 3.4%, and the EU27 has a current unemployment rate of <7%.

What country are you talking about and at what time, or are we on the alternative facts?


Germany’s a fine place if you don’t mind the occasional gang rape rampage.


The US has 50 states and 2 territories!


And the square root of 144 is 12, so there




yea, also c a t spells cat


Anyways, your English is better than your German! It’s square rooted!


LOL. two months to go and no end in sight.

my cup of schadenfreude spilleth over…


Oh right sorry I thought you were joking there as opposed to actually questioning if 12 really is the square root of 144. (it is)


I would gladly say do whatever they like (like vast majority of Europe) but the little matter of the the Irish border which they completely ignored for three years, taking their policy from one of the fundamentalist bigoted parties in Europe, the DUP…
The DUP is not even in government right now in Northern Ireland.

Completely ignoring the good Friday agreement which the UK negotiated themselves!

May herself said juSt two months ago.thst the backStop was essential to the next negotiAtion. Now she junks it suddenly. Untrustworthy

…This is exactly why Ireland won’t roll over on the backstop even with a lot of economic damage.,.It’s clear they don’t give two shits what happens in Ireland and can’t be trusted to not renege on any agreement. We’ve seen this before.


This is total nonsense.

We talked about this before. Since you have not get it, i will explain you again.

A lot of it is cultural and adjusting to real economical - political reality of country. In many countries with high unemployment rate a lot of people ( specially young ) are employed without official contract. Like in Spain, Greece, Croatia, Italy… Officially they are unemployment, cause they will get support from government (fix social monthly payment ) and work without contract on side. Their combine income will be higher comparing to taiwanese minimal wage

On another side, Republic of China like to keep unemployment down. Hiring one in Taiwan is super easy. Taiwanese worker comes with much lower cost comparing to EU worker. Hiring is much easier in Taiwan. And here is typical Chinese face and their lifestyle, people like to act like they are busy. They will make up to have a job, even in reality many of them are jobless. They will work for peanuts. Older guys driving taxis, empty shops, restaurants in private houses always being without customers, but yet being self employees. In ex family, all of aunties, wife were “accounting” ladies, when in reality they did nothing in their life and it was just face - saving information.

We should talk about real unemployment rate not a statistical one. I believe Taiwan real unemployment rate is between 10 to 15 %.

Yes Germany is less digitized, but with much greater technology, productivity and potential. Do you distinguish those two, digitization of country and technological strength ? Their trade is very diverse and they do not depend particular on any country. They export 10 % to China, 10 % to USA, 10 % to France, 10 % to Netherlands… while taiwan on another side do 50 % of export to China, and 50 % of Export is IT hardware.

Tomorrow, sanctions from XI can put Taiwanese economy on knee. As well Trump with his trade war on China.

Now, when trade manipulations from Asian nations will go away and west will be able to trade more fairly, i believe unemployment rate will go further down in EU.


I didn’t say it was bad. I’m saying it’s on decline. It used to be at least as influential as the US and now it’s not even close.

That was in response to his link about Spain’s unemployment rate.

Lmao. It won’t be. These countries have very weak welfare state. When you have a weak economy, you won’t have social security benefits.

You have to be hitting the new height of dumbness to believe that family businesses do not exist in Southern Europe. And minimum wage doesn’t even exist in Italy.

And you can speculate your own version of unemployment rate all you want. The reality is unemployment rate is not even 4% in Taiwan. Btw in most European countries like 30-40% of the work force are part-time workers and they aren’t calculated as unemployed.

Their trade is nearly 100% dependant on the EU, which is a single market.

Besides, I was comparing Europe with the US, not with Taiwan.

Yeah good luck with that.


You are very childish. Grow up and try to have normal conversation.

I have been living in Taiwan, and for a short time in Germany too. Is not Germany who export criminals in thousands around the world, but Taiwanese Mafia does this. Thousand, and probably even more Taiwanese were arrested in Europe so far. You tell me why people choice illegal activities when their homeland is doing so good with unemployment statistic?

And Germany does only 60 % of export within European Union. I mean this is first class elementary school math. Far from 100 %. Their products are popular all around the world. Is there a country in world who does not trade with Germany? And most of Germany do have 4G. You sound like old women from hair dress salon

Agree influence of EU internationally is low, but it has always been like this. Unfortunately, we can not compare us to USA, when it comes to representing own interest in global world . But in many ways our interests are similar, our core values of freedom and democracy coming from christian democracy. And make no mistake here, we will not cut our values short cause of some Chinese, Muslim or Indian dictatorships. Our alliance is strong. And be will be even stronger tomorrow.

Britain living EU is annoying, but they will stay our good friend, close alien and am sure after few bumpy years our trade will be strong as never before.


Try harder. Troll.

First of all, Taiwan runs an even larger surplus than Germany does by percentage. And only about 65% of Germany has 4G, which is the same as like, the Philippines.

Secondly, no one is comparing Germany with Taiwan. My point has always been that Europe as a continent is on decline, especially in relation to North America and Australia. Everyone knows it.


Yeah good luck with that.


I don’t usually agree with @Gain but they don’t really have strong social security to help them in many ways. I know there are some help like subsidized housing but overall, it’s not that much in other areas. And they don’t get benefits from working a firm fulltime as well which sucks.

I do think their salaries could be higher than Taiwan’s but adjust for cost of living, i’m not sure they’re better off.

You are right that I do think there are a lot of people in Taiwan employed doing jobs not really doing much or matching their skill set.

I do agree that places in Germany are more diversified in trade, and thats why it’s one of the countries in the EU thats actually doing ok…but other EU countries are not. If you pick the most well off country in the EU it doesn’t look bad, but other countries are really doing poorly.