I have a suspicion that of the 65% area covered, they run at 3G speed in many places. Italy’s 4G was a joke when I had it. Malaysia is the same way…


@Brianjones, any parent with a young daughter (or boy even) in Europe probably would not agree with you that Europe is a paradise. They are likely extremely worried every day their child is not with them. This is happening not just in Finland, but Sweden, Germany, Austria, and many other EU countries. Don’t be an an ostrich about this topic.

In December 2018, Oulu police reported the arrest of seven men accused of repeatedly raping a ten-year-old girl. The police say the girl has allegedly been subjected to multiple sexual assaults over several months in the suspects’ homes.

The men, aged 20 to 40, all arrived in Finland as migrants or refugees in recent years (32,000 here during the migrant wave in 2015) and are thought to have made contact with the victim on social media.

:point_up_2:, that is just one of 1000s (not 100s) or more of similar things happening to the EU under its open border policy.


This is super naive, saying EU has no international diplomatic power. Can tell you from personal experience reality is different. And i will leave it here.

We talking about connected countries with 20 trillions of GDP. Comparable (both nominal and with purchasing power parity) with China or USA. In the end Ukraine and Taiwanese leaders asking for favors and not opposite way.

Germans like to do things… well in German way. More quietly and privately. Sometimes they are political mess indeed. Maybe there is new wind coming from Germany. There were statements made about Chinese should not own important European companies since their values are different from our democratic values. As well about helping Taiwan, in case of military attack. There is established group of Taiwanese friendship in EU parliament etc…

Europe is in theoretical decline when it comes to share of GDP in world trade. This does not mean our GDP per capita is in decline. Real trade war between China and USA will boost EU economy.

No where on graphs i can see lost decade of EU. Sure Americans respond better to financial crises 2007 - 2008 and EU could do better. But no where we lost decade like Japan did it.


That silly and fear-mongering.


completely reasonable. Anyone living there would tell you the same.


Living where exactly ?


Most of Europe I’ve been to. Pick pockets, robbing houses, gangs attacks. You have to watch yourself.


Even Switzerland?


I have not been to switzerland


You have to watch yourself. As opposed to where haha?


Well i’ve not once had to fend off people who want to “help” you with the luggage coming out of train stations and airports in Taiwan or US. I’ve never had anyone break into where i’m staying until i was in europe. I never have to keep an eye out for pickpockets before, lots of things. Even locals always warn me, they usually leave me alone and i’ve not had problems. But i’ve see people get messed with and a guest coming to Italy got her watch snatched in daylight in the crowded beaches in Barcelona.


The thing you may not understand is that we always have crime in Europe …Always had burglaries and theft before there were any recent immigrants or refugees.
Always had junkies. Always had homeless.


Of course there was always crime. I don’t imagine it to be an utopian place before. But come on, things have gotten worse. Were there giant makeshift refugee camps in paris before? Has stabbings not soared in the UK, especially london?

Literally every european girl i’ve met also said the same things to me, they feel it’s more dangerous than before. And a lot of them don’t want to go back to places like Paris where most people dream of living.

And no, it’s not all on the migrants and refugees. The economy is stale and unemployment is high. But it’s insincere to ignore that fact it contributed to the mess. It just added to the turmoil when people are struggling day to day and they see people they don’t know just come. Which is a big reason for Brexit


they’re mostly gypsies in south/southeastern Europe, no?


Someone once helped me with luggage on the stairs in a Taiwan train station. He did not manage to steal my luggage, and as far as I can tell he didn’t try to.

But that’s Taiwan. Other places are… different. Once in Manila a guy tried to pick my pocket in broad daylight when I was standing by myself. I think he might have been a Jar Jar.



Oh, that’s special. She vows to battle but she’s got no plan to win. You know, we had one like this in the US. Lyndon B Johnson fought a war in Vietnam plus a war on poverty - both with lots of bravado and both with no workable plan. He lost both wars badly.

Brexit was going just swimmingly until May got involved.


She’s going to deliver brexit on time folks.

Running around like a headless chicken , first in Northern Ireland and now Brussels.

Nobody knows what’s she going to deliver but it’s going to be on time.

''As Kuenssberg spoke, patiently pointing out, at least three times, that Brussels has continually said no to the thing she is offering, the prime minister’s face seemed to transfix into some kind of death mask. It was the look a Scorsese gang boss gives in the moment he knows he’s been ratted out and the game is up.

It went on. “That’s what I’m going to do for the British public. I’ll be negotiating hard in the coming days to do just that,” she said, before grimacing and striding out towards her waiting car. That car was there to take her back to London, where she would, apparently ”be negotiating hard in the coming days.”



Who won D-Day?

She’s in a bad spot and it’s her own damn fault. I don’t care if she ends up face down on the beach so long as freedom wins.

Hey, she can be a martyr. Get a memorial and everything.


She’s in a bad spot?
I don’t think so, she’s well off with a nice pension .

Not like those workers in Sunderland who are going to lose their jobs due to her ‘red lines’.

What else are they going to do in Sunderland ? Also their benefits are being chopped to the bone. They are screwed. Shows you how nationalism can be a poisoned chalice in a lot of ways…