Bride of Bedlam

If you have purchased a Mainland mail order bride recently, as many Taiwan studs seem to have done from those reliable Taiwan matchmakers, you should check this item from Reuters out—then check out your new wife

(Brian note: I do not find this story amusing in and of itself, it is a sad situation. But having issued the political correct disclaimer, I would say it is typically

[quote=“brianlkennedy”]Qianlong said the women had been forced to take medicine before they were sold in order to keep the buyers from realizing they were mental patients.

Some of the men later demanded refunds, it said.[/quote]

This explains my ex. I wonder if I can still return her?:lol:

Heh. She doesn’t look Chinese:

Adrienne T. Samen, 18, shown in this police photo spent part of her wedding night in a jail cell Saturday, Aug. 16, 2003, after police said she hurled things at reception hall workers who closed the bar. Samen, was arrested on criminal mischief and breach of peace charges after police responded to The Mill on the River restaurant in South Windsor, Conn. When workers there closed the bar, Samen allegedly began throwing things, including wedding cake and vases, inside the restaurant. (AP Photo/Police photo)

Nice tattoos. Not.