Bring Back Happy Hours?

This got me thinking…

I’d be happy to set these up again if anyone is interested.

  • Sure, I’d attend if available.
  • Nah, I want to keep my anonymity

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We need regional meetups. Pingtung/Kaohsiung for example since the cites are close enough to each other.


What about number 3?

  • I’d rather spend the evening getting busted glass shoved up my butt by a burning Marlon Brando impersonator.
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That message can be accomplished by simply ignoring this thread.

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Sure. Actually, I’ll be down south a lot over the next few months. I have no idea what my shooting schedule is yet, but if I do get a night off, I’d be happy to host a Happy Hour at Foster Hewitt’s in KS.

I’d like to bring back happy hours but I wouldn’t actually attend. :rofl:


Even if we held it at The Poutinerrie?

Well if you held it there I could attend in disguise as a gaelic footballer so I wouldn’t have to blow my cover…:volleyball:

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People that want to maintain their anonymity can just show up and say “I don’t really talk much, I just watch.”

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Wow, that one sure caught on fire.

Keep up the good work, @jacques_pot_plante :+1:

Thanks @lump-worst-lay.

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I’d love to go. But obviously I’m not on the island right now.

who wants to meet up with me

Thanks, Ace, but I prefer @ron_fuxtall

Goon quotient, you know :wink:

Billy Smite?

That would probably only work for the ones that don’t talk much though

I’d be down. Been back and forth between the States and Taiwan, but I’m back for good since 2017 and would love to meet more people.

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Well that Forumosa Happy Hour TV news report from the past was… interesting?

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An alternative characterisation would be…embarrassing?

What made it ‘interesting’/embarrassing?

Just seemed normal to me.

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