Bring in the Republic of England

Sounds impossible I know, just like Brexit was impossible. However I’m calling this now. Maybe not in my life time, but certainly no more than 30 years maybe under 10… The Sun and Mail readers are turning on the royals , check out the comments section. I stress Not the Queen she’s still hugely popular. Charles, Andrew and now Harry are unpopular or are increasingly unpopular. The Queen and up to now Prince William are keeping it up. If Prince William messes up then the House of Windsor is going to fall

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Fake News :rofl:

Yeah I know they’re really with Epstein who isn’t dead and now lives in Surrey under the name Saville. :rofl:

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Why bother. The Monarchy is the least of all Britain’s problems. Elizabeth has been good and William will carry on.

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The Daily Mail is not the most reliable source of information.

The Monachy will never fall, think of the tourists Britains only income now, they’ve sold all commercial business to the French, Germans, Spanish, Portugese and Russians.

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Maybe they can be convinced to purchase the royals too?

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It’s not the Mail it is in the Mail but not from the Mail. If you want to call it fake news get your sources right :rofl:
Yeah Portugal is on a roll :rofl:

They are Germans anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Elizabeth and William are good I agree but more or less only them.

If Charles can’t do it Anne can. She’s pretty popular.

The Queen is alright , she looks good in green.
The rest are a bit inbred looking I reckon you could bin them.

(Don’t tell anybody I even sneaked a look at a few episodes of the Crown to see what it’s all about :joy:)


The Daily Mail is not the most reliable source of information.

The comment section is…really something .

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People’s Republic of England sounds nicer, imo.


Like this wasn’t discussed and scheduled months ago by the Firm?

It’s a good show. The Queen is a great role model.

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Yes, true, she took charge when the queen was sick.

I know you hate the Mail but yes trust me the comments are hilarious. I’m like left wing compared to most Mail readers lol

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They really don’t know how to deal with Prince Andrew “sex slave scandal”.

The Regency proved long ago England doesn’t need a monarchy. The thing is, they WANT one. Just for show, really. But they want one.

Probably from the same impulse that Chinese want their damn hanzi. Tevye would understand.

Here’s what would work: just make it a TV show already. That’s the way it’s evolving. just embrace it. Keeping Up With the Windsors.

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