Bring your own condoms to Vietnam

Can’t believe this isn’t fake news ! Can you say GROSS?

NOw if only more things that SHOULD be recycled CAN get recycled?

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“Your resume says you have experience with recycling. Can you tell me more?”

“I worked in the reusable condom market as a recycler.”

“We love your fire, but I find your experience irrelevant to our environmental message (adjusts skirt). Please accept our apologies, and have a good day.”


Taking reposts to a new level?


Honest question: Why can’t you believe it’s fake?

And why do you want to share the story?

I believe there may be a correlation.

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I believe it’s real
And also it’s a slow news day

Double negatives are confusing, dude. You’re actually saying you believe it is fake news…

The same thing was reported in (or at least of) China years ago, but they said those condoms were being recycled as hair elastics. :no_mouth:

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Should have known something was up when the brand name was Sloppy Seconds.

Pham Thi Thanh Ngoc, 33, the owner of the warehouse, was arrested and claimed she had been receiving the condoms once a month from an unknown person.

There will be no happy ending to this story until this part of it is told.


Is this even needed? How much can it be to produce condoms with some latex in bulk vs getting a bunch of used ones to clean and repackage? I can’t see the profit margins being large enough to even do this.


It’s not about the size…of the profit margins.


I’ll tell you what’s NOT wack… the food. What I wouldn’t do for a decent Banh Mi shop here.

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I’m wondering how they managed to obtain them.


No good ones? There’s enough ladies selling them.

Just don’t go to the Banh Mi restaurant next to the Pham Thi Thanh Ngoc Condom Recycling Plant. I’ve heard the food isn’t fresh.


Haven’t found a good one in Kaohsiung. You Taipei guys are always luckier when it comes to food choice.

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Logic and sound mathematics tend not to factor into poverty decisions, I’ve noticed.

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Leave a 6-pack of good beer with the owner, I’ll pick it up later.

It’s obviously fake news.

Even Australia’s ABC reported it as news.

The fact that trusted media sources report such obviously fake news is not funny.

It’s a serious cause for concern that people believe this kind of junk, fake news.


A bit too chewy?