Bringing cats in from Mainland China

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I’ve searched and found a 10 year old thread where the OP said he will update and never did: Bringing cats from China - Mission impossible or not?

I’m wondering how the situation has changed over the last 10 years, is it possible to bring two cats from Mainland China to Taiwan these days?

If it’s truely impossible we could go via Thailand

Judging from these sources, it’s now possible.

The first link lists all the required steps and documents. Sorry they are in Mandarin.


I am not up to date at all with the regulations, but we brought 2 cats back in 2015.
I hope it is easier now, but otherwise I can share how we did it by PM.


You might think you bring your cat from China, but in reality, it’s your cat bringing YOU to Taiwan.

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Is a fiance visa doable?

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