Bringing Food into Taiwan

I’ll be flying into Taipei next week, and my girlfriend’s family has repeatedly begged me to bring some Betty Crocker brownie mix with me. Don

i’ve done it many times. generally only fresh foods might be a customs hassle.

I brought some rye bread mix into Taiwan this Summer. The frigging bag burst open, spreading brown powder all over teh clothes. teh customs patched up the bag with tape, and put it back into the suitcase. It was then sent on without any comments.

Also, people have sent me different foodstuffs in the past. My mum once sent me rye bread mix and tobacco. The customs confiscated the tobacco, however they let the bread mix pass.

Therefore, I would not worry. if they notice, they will not care.

Everything is OK as long as it’s not raw, if it’s for personal use (limited quantity) you don’t need to declare … although for some cured meats it’s impossible to say … salami is sometimes a problem (not if they don’t check) … fruits and vegetables are not ok, they need to be declared and go in quarantine to be ckecked …

Well, I have brought cheeses and sausages in.

However, one issue has been that the cusstoms here don’t stop me. It has yet to happen, it seems that not-dodgy-looking white people don’t arouse the local customs one bit.

You’ll be fine. Bring the brownie mix.

very true mr he, in countless trips often hauling stacks of suitcases and boxes i have never had one checked.

Cool. Thanks for all of your responses.

How about home made cakes? Do you think they’ll be okay?