Bringing kids to Taiwan while teaching English

Hello! My husband and I (Americans, he’s American born Chinese), have been living in Singapore for almost 12 years. We have 2 kids born here, 11 year old and 7 year old. We really want the kids to have a strong foundation in Chinese language and culture, but finding that pretty elusive over here in SG. At this point, everyone’s Chinese (even mine) is pretty good, but it’s starting to slip in my 11 year old and we’ve realized if we want to keep it up, we really need a real Chinese environment. Also, the lack of nature is starting to feel a bit stifling. So I’m looking at maybe taking the kids to Taiwan while my husband stays in Singapore (he’s a uni professor and the positions available to him in Taiwan are just not comparable to what he has here). I have a bachelor’s degree, a CELTA, and a couple of years experience teaching in a school part time (mostly adults but some children), and now almost a year of experience teaching kids online (VIPKid). I would like to find a position that gets an ARC and lets me bring the kids over as well (do all ARC’s also allow for dependent ARC’s?), and has daytime working hours so I could be home in the evenings and weekends with the kids. Am I dreaming or is this something I shouldn’t have too much trouble finding? Also, it seems like the most practical thing is to come to Taiwan with CV in hand, and go visit schools in person looking for work. But for a variety of reasons related to bringing the kids with me, I’d like to have a position secured several months in advance. Is Jan/Feb too early to come and scout for a position that wouldn’t start until August? I appreciate any insight anyone could share, TIA!

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You could find a job like that, sure. Being flexible with your location will help with the job hunt. Also, when the right job turns up you must be ready to grab it. Schools are hiring 365 days a year here.

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If you want daytime hours and not evening hours, then interview with public and private schools, not buxibans.

Most buxibans will make you work evenings if you’re a full-time teacher, since they’re almost all after-school academies.


you need a teacher licence.

your kids could be there.

I read that you need a teaching license for public schools, but not necessarily private – do you know if that’s accurate?

Yeah that’s what I’m not keen on. Thanks for the information. As @tando says, I guess the kids could also be there, but definitely not ideal.

Thanks @Pinoco . Good advice.

there might be a loophole for some people, but if you need your ARC supported by them, you need a licence definitely.

Ok, thanks for this heads up. You’ve opened a whole nother rabbit hole of research for me to do.

A private school in Taichung is Wagor.
You’ll work 8-5. Salary approx 80k
& kids get 50% and study 1/2 day English & 1/2 day Chinese.

What’s this maybe loophole?

I’ve read on this forum, that some schools employ foreigners with work right or open work permit as administrative staff, and make them teach.

People who need work based ARC cannot do that, definitely.