Britain Legalizes Gay Marriage

Great news! The Queen has given her seal of approval following the House of Commons vote in favor of gay marriage. Gay marriage is now legal in Britain. :bravo: :bravo:

Go Britain. It was about time! :slight_smile:

Even sadder for my country now, though. Bunch of bigoted fools…! :frowning:

Excellent news. The tide continues to rise.

Wait a second? Three posts and no one has chimed in yet to warn of a backlash?

Everyone knows the Queen will approve of dog marriage and bestiality next week. There is nothing to talk about. Maybe we will be able to avoid forbidding heterosexual couples to marry, but I would not count on it.

We were warned in 2007. WE DIDN’T LISTEN!!! :wink: :wink:



No backlash! It’s what voters want. Britain is politically unstable to say the least (well, comparatively speaking) and our centre-right ruling party are nothing if not pragmatic. Feel-good summer popularity booster.


Though in all earnest, given my feelings about marriage: it being a form of slavery, I would hold that it might be more than a tad of fool’s gold.

But, no matter.
Equal rights, and all, and more cash for the Crown, and lawyers.
Free enterprise, and all of that.

Well, a lot of gay folks here would say that it’s some crappy establishment normalising of monogamous straight culture. A pushing of ‘family values’ and all the cheesy British crap that goes with that. Peter Tatchell was particularly vocal about it. I guess it’s a choice thing. If one group is allowed to do stupid retro shit, everyone should be allowed, I guess.

It’s not compulsory, though, just permitted.


Two guys I know got married about 5 years ago and have since got divorced.

EDIT: google is my only friend. Obviously this is different to civil partnership.

You mean marriage? Oh wow, how “modern” of you. :unamused:

Nothing modern about women looking down on marriage. Goes back to the Middle Ages in Britain.

Live and let live. Whatever floats your boat. Whatever people want to do in the privacy of their own homes is up to them.

So marriage is, like, totally Dark Ages retro? But wait! What if there were some British women in the Dark Ages who also “looked down” on marriage (whatever that means)? Roman times? Maybe marriage is Ancient Mesopotamian retro. Or were there a few women in Baghdad circa 5000 B.C. who looked down on marriage too?

Who gives a toss? Live and let live, I guess.