Britain's worst rapist after 150 convictions

Indonesian guy from a well off family came to study to Manchester, UK. Looked out for drunk male victims and lured them to his apartment. When they passed out he raped and filmed them.
One victim regained consciousness fought him and took his phone with the videos to police.
Most victims were not aware they have been raped. Police is still trying to identify victims.

I have a feeling the men had an idea but didn’t want to believe it. I don’t think it’s possible to not feel some discomfort after getting raped in the butt.

Idk what the housing situation they have in Manchester is when this is a luxury flat. Looks like some college dorm.


He can get to be the other end of the stick in his thirty 30 behind bars

Different bars than the ones he was used to of course

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Parts of Manchester are very expensive since ithey got gentrified. His place looks like a real dive though I agree.

I guess you can call it a man hole. 488095459647291403


I’m guessing he wasn’t exactly well-endowed. :bug:


From what I’ve read none of the victims knew they’d been raped until the police informed them. That’s when they started having breakdowns and turning to alcohol etc. Might have been better if they’d never been told. I guess the police aren’t allowed to do that.


Rape includes any kind of forced sexual activity, including oral. This slimeball might have gotten his jollies by drugging, forcing oral, and photographing it. The victims may never have known until shown photos by the police.

How drunk were those guys? I don’t believe anyone could be so drunk that they didn’t remember being raped.

He drugged them with GHB.

They assume he offered them drinks spiked with liquid ecstasy.

Ah, I can just hear all the jokes if the victims had been women :confused:


It does seem odd that none of the victims were suspicious that they’d been raped. Supposedly he filmed himself raping one victim off and on for 8 hours. Surely they’d be some signs of penetration when the victim woke up? As bear says, maybe he’s a really small guy.

I’ve never experienced it, but I’m sure some posters have. There must be some physical signs the next morning, mustn’t there?

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If it’s done right, not really.

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He was found guilty of 159 offences including 136 anal rapes.

I’m not trying to argue, but I didn’t see “anal rape” referenced anywhere.

I’m not arguing either. Just providing further details.

If whatever-he-drugged-them-with is that effective, I would guess he’s only Britain’s worst rapist who got caught.


One simple explanation:

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