British Gitmo guests may win compensation

Talk about setting a precedent. British court challenging intelligence agencies to publicly open their evidence. While a chance to appeal remains, maybe by June some former gitmo residents could start experiencing closure.

[quote]British residents held at Guantánamo Bay could be offered millions of pounds in compensation for wrongful imprisonment and abuse after the court of appeal today dismissed an attempt by MI5 and MI6 to suppress evidence of alleged complicity in torture.

…government officials have told the Guardian that the former detainees are now likely to be offered compensation of millions of pounds in out-of-court settlements as that would be preferable to having embarrassing evidence of the security and intelligence agencies’ complicity in abuse being exposed.

(Guardian May 4, 2010)[/quote]

The irony here of course is that jscholl is defending conspiracy advocates/activists or seems to be. Should those in the oil companies or politicians who support policies that he obviously disagrees with also be allowed to sue the state for the attacks that have been made on them? Well, jscholl? Yes?

You’re referring to ‘oil companies or politicians’ suing 'the state ’ for ‘attacks’ and asking for “compensation for wrongful imprisonment and abuse”? If yes, then I’d suppose, but maybe you can offer some examples to clarify?