British & Irish Lions 2005

Well tomorrow is the big day sort of. Sir Clive will spend a couple of hours reading through the 44 names of the squad he wants to take on the jaunt to New Zealand and the media will spend the rest of the day trying to come up with a catchy line about it.

I for one can’t wait for the tour to kick off. I have been addicted to the Lions since I watched the lions win the second test (and series) against South Africa in 97 whilst sat in a pub in Cardiff. The last series against the Aussies was a bit of a disappointment, but this one could be right up wioth the best. The lions have only won a series in New Zealand once and that was in 1971.

I have one glaring problem with the Lions this year though. I got legally hitched about a month ago, but the plan has been to do the parties etc on either the 2nd July or the 9th July. Well these are the dates for the second and third tests. :frowning: So now serious negotiations need to take place as to how to fit these games into the schedule. As you can guess, these negotiations are proving tricky - think Palestinians and Israelis. My hand is not helped by the fact that they haven’t confirmed kick-offs just yet. If anybody has a good guess what time these might be please do post. All in all, I need HELP.