British man dies in bike crash descending Taroko Gorge

Tragic crash
62 year old cycling with two friends
Was he a forumosan ?


oh boy… who is he? might know him even if only by a common acquitance… small island.

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An awful weekend in Hualien.

Condolences to all friends and family members.



Terrible news

This isn’t the first death in Taroko pertaining to a cyclist. A few years ago, falling rocks hit a Japanese cyclist here participating in the Taiwan KOM event.

Guys, please please please, take into consideration when descending down Taroko Gorge. From the top it’s almost 90km descent down to the gate in Xin Chen!!! The roads are spectacular and the descent doesn’t get too steep, but there’s so many blind corners and the fatigue you have behind you from ascending He Huan Shan or even from Wuling Farm.

For anyone reading this that is considering descending Taroko Gorge, please take all precautions. Descending isn’t just pressing on the breaks and slowing down!


reportedly with two other brits , maybe they were tourists?

Tommy, there are no tourists :sweat_smile:

Although I’ve been trying to figure out who he was and drew a blank. My mate was on the exact same ride a day before.


i forgot…no tourists during covid. Tragic loss of life doing something that should have been so much fun.
I was wondering if any forumosan knew him so that he is not just a number but a person.

I’m guessing he wasn’t a regular cyclist. Just someone who wanted a challenge over the four day weekend.

Dam , many people should not have been on that train cept for the 4 day weekend too.

Guess sometimes we just get in trouble because we are out of our regular bubble.

on an unrelated note…how IS Taiwan without tourists? must be something …

Descending that road is a mix of keeping on the brakes as/when required, and watching for drivers coming up who are slicing off the curves. Not clear if a vehicle was involved here. There are definitely spots though where you can descend too fast and then run out of road to make the corner. Maybe he just did that.


I recommend everyone to get a support car to carry your stuff for the ascent and to take you back down after that crazy climb. I remember feeling a bit unwell after finishing and I can’t imagine trying to descend. And this guy was 62. Our support car/guy charged 7,000 nt. Not too bad split in three or whatever your group number is.

I’ve got his contact info if anyone wants it. I imagine these support people are easy to find, though.


@tommy525 Article that you posted:

Media described the man as 62 years old, and a resident of Taiwan. The man was cycling with two British companions, traversing the route west to east, at the time of the accident.

I know it’s been awhile since you’ve been on the rock, but we try not to label people with ARCs as tourists anymore. :sweat_smile:


Seems he survived?

Oof, one of those images is a bit graphic. I’m surprised they published it.

According to Taiwan reports, he had no vital signs when rescue workers found him.

Deleted for obvious reasons


hey i cant remember what i read yesterday ok . Im really only thinking whats for dinner right now.
(was gonna put on a smiley but inappro for this sad situ)

no vital signs but he survived?? amazing.
if it wasnt so serious i would say something like

Oh? he was british thats why ! (brits dont always display vital signs, only when needed…stiff upper lip and all)

p.s. after reading the article seems the danger has not passed. hoping he makes it


Title of these reports are saying he didn’t make it, but the articles do not really give a verdict. Most of them just say he was send to a hospital in Hualien.

Some people really underestimate the difficulty of that climb and many forget about the high elevation element. Sometimes, I understand that descending is part of the reward, that’s one of the main reasons why I love to climb so much.

I’ve descending from the peak down to Guan Yin gas station after the race which is something around 20km and never did it again. Make sure you hire someone experienced as sometimes if you do a cab hire, they don’t have much experience how tiring it could be to follow a cyclist for 90km.


I just spat my coffee, but it was worth it.
Thank you.

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