British man dies in bike crash descending Taroko Gorge

Hanging on in quiet desperation in the English way.

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Isn’t that still the semi-official stance according to certain government bodies and telecommunications companies? I thought “tourist” is what the “R” in “ARC” stands for?

Well maybe its time to de-emphasize the word Alien in Alien Registration Certificate.

How about just Resident Certificate? Too simple?

The man was later declared dead. RIP.


Not actually a mountain bike crash. Looks like he was on a hydrid type training bike. Really not the sort of thing to do a long descent on.

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A few visitors back when borders were still open and some other Forumosans have done the descent back. This was even when buses coming up and down the road.

I love to descend, but still cringe a bit at the idea of descending that road.

The chap hasn’t made it. Apologies.

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Sad. Many injuries are not survivable .

The press probably called it a mountain bike simply because it was a bike …on a mountain

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His age may have been a big factor in his survivability.

No word from the foreigner cycling community here in Taipei about the loss of a friend, maybe he wasn’t an avid cyclist?

Anyone know if Graham was a long-term resident of Zhongli?

He was from Kaohsiung. I’d say no way was he a known cyclist.

He was working in Kaohsiung.
I don’t suppose they’ll release his surname until close relatives have been informed.
100m fall. Would have killed anyone.

Yeah. It’s always bad when it’s a denuded slope. Trees will generally save you.


Yes. Had a similar fall, and trees saved me. No kidding. I would have been killed or paralysed otherwise. In this case, the slope was probably stripped and reinforced in some way. The poor guy would have flown down it and didn’t stand a chance.
I can’t find any more info. about this accident. Can someone post the cyclist’s full name after a decent interval? Thanks.