British men fall in love with Thai Bar girls

Check out the video. … +long+time

Numpties. “Stay in England? For WHAT?” That rang true though. Who can blame them?

I don’t blame them. I’ve watched this video numerous times. I love it: love how it’s put together; the cuts, nuances, dialogue. The ghost of Christmas future…

Just forward to 25 minutes and watch until the end (around 29 min.), that’s all you need to “know”.

I have to say, though, that I never realized Koh Samui was such an utter shithole. Presumably there are nicer places in Thailand?

It was a shit hole in 1993 - why would it be any better 14 years later?

Are you serious?

Those bars are only a very small fraction of what’s happening in Koh Samui. You can avoid them as easily as you can Nana Plaza. Geesh, Thailand isn’t all about bargirls, you know some Thai women have never worked in bars and wouldn’t put out for coin in a fit. Fucking amazing, eh?

As for the vid, I think a key concept alien to many discussions of Thailand is the critical theory of sanook. Often translated as fun, it really is more about having a light and breezy bearing - well that’s the roadmap but not always the route taken. Now add to that the longstanding Thai “custom” of a paid mistress and you can see why the bar scene is such an attractive lure for some.

Interesting and candid little doco. Mind you I think I’m ready to see a focus on some other aspect of Thai culture from western film makers. What about a doco on the internal racism of Thais and why almost all the labourers and bargirls are dark-skinned, and in a Thai sense, ugly, Issan folks?


Was nice in 86. No airport and “resorts” listed magic mushroom omelettes as one of the special features on their name cards. Still have one of those in Canada somewhere. Damn funny business cards.

Actually I’ve never really gotten the allure of Thailand. Just too seedy everywhere for me.

Oh and speaking of seedy, dammit Sandman, because you had to mention it in another thread as a very common occurence in Taiwan’s hotels, I was finally asked if I wanted a girl for the night by my hotel’s floor attendant in Kaohshiung. I must really be losing my looks. :raspberry:

Au contraire. I just spent a fantastic weekend in Bangkok with not a hint of sleazery. It is easily done.


Yes. It certainly can be done though it means paying to stay away from the riff-raff.

What I’m still trying to figure out is how you do that and at the same time:

a) Also avoid the yuppie adventure tourist types that want to bore with stories of being the first to cross some shit creek (ever see the A1 channel commercials?) (usually have some job in the Finance or Cosulting industry)

b) As above but instead boring you with how they aligned their ‘chakra’ with some sufi.

c) The more local than thou types

Hell…might as well stay home…

the girls in this are all mingers…jeesh if you’re gonna hitch up with a bar girl at least get one thats a looker

( i know i know, im a class act)


Good Video.

I liked the take. Here it is like it or lump it.

You can have that conversation a hundred times a day in Thailand, if you want.

Show me the money.
Show me the sex.
Show me the love.


:bravo: that has to be the saddest thing i’ve ever seen…yer mans run out of money so the honey pot is dry…so he has to sit at the bar every night watching his girl work the crowd…and that desperate look of betrayal on his face; priceless. like something out of a modern day somerset maugham short story

christ what a looser…i’d have more respect for him if he sold his bum to make some cash…

That’s loser, ya looser! :laughing:

And to think, the poor bastard thought she had the luxury to fall in love. Pity love won’t feed or educate her kids.


A Danish film… that’s great, I could actually read the end text, where it turned out that the old guy’s “gf” went back to her sons, so they aren’t meeting up anymore.

Also, the other brit, the 33 year old lookign for love works at a bar in Koh, whereas the young couple who had been married for 4 years were considering getting out of Thailand alltogether, once they sold the bar, that is.

All the guys there (perhaps apart from the young one who actualy married her) should have stuck to the one shot rule.

What is that?

Some of my favorite quotes:

“It wasn’t love at first sight…but it was a real likeness at first sight” -Berry, 49
“I don’t consider myself a sex tourist, I consider myself a…come out here to make myself happy tourist” -33 year old
“He movie star. Man movie staaar. Handsome man take care of me forever”

What is that?[/quote]

You only sleep with one Thai prostitute once, the night (or next blue pill) later, you move to the next one.

The trick is to avoid emotional baggage on your side.

They have light all over the island now :slight_smile:

But the whores are more agressive than the mosquitos :raspberry:

Nuke it. No big loss.