British Monarchy in Turmoil

So it seems that newspapers outside UK are publishing stories about Prince Charles and his manservant. Curiously the French newspapers are silent on the subject (the only other european language I read well). Maybe because of weekend

I can remember many years ago when UK made male homosexuality no longer illegal - a few people saying - I will leave before it is compulsary! Interestingly enough female homosexuality has never been illegal in UK. Apparently the laws were enacted in the days of Queen Victoria - who obviously was less reticent than the current monarch in letting people know what she thought. In her humble :smiley: opinion female homosexuality was impossible.

So I guess the s**t hits the fan about late night tomorrow when the europeans wake from their weekend slumbers

Some Italian newspapers are saying that Charles was caught fornicating with his manservant. Are these allegations really that damaging though? Portillo was a close contender in the late 90s for the Tory leadership and he had a homosexual past. Shit, the public school system is England is a bastion for homosexuality. These allegations don’t suprise me in the least…So he is a switch-hitter…so what???


I know the British can now live with a homosexual member of Parliment - maybe even a homosexual PM - but I think a homosexual King might push the envelope a little.

I think we’ve all fallen into a trap to smear poor old Charlie. Manservant alleges ‘something’ but we’re not allowed to know what it is. Of course, hints lead to rumour, speulation and all kinds of BS. End result - Charles get shafted even though none of us has a clue what the exact natureof the allegations are, which for all we know may be untrue; innocent until proven guilty an’ all that.

Incidentally, why are public figures these days gay by default? They seem to have to prove they are straight. They can’t sue for slander/libel because legally it doesn’t matter which holes you poke as long as they’re of age and consenting (and human i spose!).
Jason Donavon was only able to sue The Face by claiming that he had been portrayed as a liar for supposedly hiding the fact that he was gay.

Not at all. Why not have a gay monarch presiding over what the French always called “the English disease”. It certainly wouldn’t be the first gay British king, or is that a queen?

King Edward II
James I (of the bible)

Royal dandies, without doubt.

Ha! Imagine poor Johnny “I really am a totally useless tosspot” Howard trying to defend a manservant rogering ponce as the head of Australia.

Damn, I can.

No offence to Chuck, quite like the man. Thought his plant talking was good exercise for the soul. In fact the man actually shows more concern for the plight of Australia’s aborigines, and humanity in general, than that lying little prick.


Charlie was the darling of the media back in the 60s. Now the poor chap can do nothing right. A cold and stuffy dinosaur he may be, but those who have met him say good things.

Heh heh, I guess that’s why they call them “butt-lers”!

But wait a minute, I thought that WHATEVER it was that he did or didn’t do, it was supposed to be unspeakably awful–I can’t remember how the newspapers expressed it, but gay sex doesn’t sound outrageous enough. I can’t imagine Prince Chahz would have to stoop (ahem!) to rape his page-boy, so what could they have been doing? Fisting?

Or…(gasp), do you suppose that Chahz was in the, ahm, female position?

Whilst wearing Diana’s clothing?

And crying out sweet nothings, in French?

Yes, that must be it. That’s the only plausible explanation. What DO they teach them in those public schools over there? (And oh yes, wasn’t he in the navy as well?)

Screaming J - you sound like an over excited school boy - get a grip!

How come people still gleefully enjoy perpetuating stereotypes about public school boys (snigger) and men in the navy (stifled titter)? At the very least it’s a boring cliche.

Well, then where DO gays come from then? I mean, somebody has to have taught them all that unmentionable behavior.

But perhaps I was too hasty in tarring (ahem!) with such a wide brush the non-degenerate schoolboys, sailors, prisonors, florists who happen to have same-sex roommates, etc. Jesus will separate one from the other at the last judgment.

With a crowbar!