British Passport visiting Hong Kong

I’m British with a British Passport however was born in Hong Kong, this stands out on my pass port so much so I seemed to get preferential treatment in Mainland China arrivals.
Talking to my Sister I mentioned going to Hong Kong update my Visa, she thinks bad idea because of trouble there, reason: being a British Citizen/Hongkonger who has visited Hong Kong, mainland China numerous times and last 3 years frequent visits to Taiwan, traveling from Taipei.
She thinks makes me suspicous and could possibly be taken as a Spy, I don’t generally agree but have decided on Manilla now.
What others think?

Your sister thinks too much.


If you are between 18 to 35 young man, you will be taken aside for interrogation no matter your passport. That’s a given. Do you want to add to that pile?

Aunt Panic says no. It is like bungee jumping …with a company known for skipping safety precautions and with several accidents under its belt. Not the right time.

Any country has a right to question your intentions for arrival. Unless you have some agenda that they will take issue with, I duno how it’s going to be a problem.

I arrive there on Sunday with Taiwan and Japan stamps in my passport. I may humbly eat my words.

I find it doubtful considering the amount of traffic that goes through HK airport. Would be highly disruptive. Did a visa run a few weeks ago and it looked normal, no signs of the protest.

Also least thing they want now is to make trouble for foreigners. Especially if some media outlet catches wind of that.

Me too, no haul to the side or anything out of the ordinary.

Does Mainland China take issue with Taiwan stamps in passport? Do they consider it like an unauthorised entry of “their territory” or something like that?

I filled two passports with Taiwan and Hong Kong and China Stamps, (when Hong Kong used to stamp). There is no issue.

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Thanks all for sensible replies, I feel the same.
I come from Military family my Sister was high ranking RAF Officer she always worries.
She lives far north Northumberland UK and once a week watches the RAF, Typhoons low level training.
Long retired but still live the Forces, she’s the Boss!

My Girlfriend visits Mainland China and South Korea every 6 months on clothes buying excursion, since Guangdon has been modernised Taiwan passport holders can only use Mainland China arrivals channel.
Hey my experience with obtaining a Mainland China visa in UK has at times been quite stressfull, once refused as I put Country of Birth Hong Kong and NOT Hong Kong China! last one applied for 3 months and was granted a 5 year no charge one. why???

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HK is still major finance and business hub with thousands of travelers every day. Hundreds of companies have their regional headquarters in HK with business people traveling the Greater China Area. No need to worry.