British wants to retire close to Beach in Taiwan


As mentioned, swimming is not recommended.

Exactly this. The water is not clean. The beach a little bit south of where I took that pic is a popular place to go. But some of the “local” foreigners have dubbed it garbage beach.


Hsinchu area used to have great beaches if you were a fan of beach combing for medical waste. Nothing like stabbing yourself in the foot with a needle to start off a day at the beach.


Breathing is also a bit of a problem on that side of the island. :mask: :skull:


What is Taiwanese food really do you know? I’m not exactly sure myself. I see great Taiwanese-like dishes in some over those countries you list.
There is great food in Taiwan, you’re not looking in the right places.


Any examples? I’d be curious to try some of this “great food.”


We ordered 海瓜子 and 清蒸魚 in Thailand last week. It was very good. I’m not sure if those are strictly speaking Chinese or Taiwanese dishes but what difference does it make. They’re Taiwanese dishes as far as my life is concerned.


The right places to look for great Taiwanese food are Thailand and…?




Ah, so you have to go to Thailand to get good Taiwanese food. And 清蒸魚 isn’t a Taiwanese dish. Any examples closer to home (preferably not seafood)?


As I said, 清蒸魚 is Taiwanese as far as my life goes. Don’t care about the complex histories of food, spreading from parts of China and so on…is the hamburger Mongolian really? Is pasta Chinese really?


Why would anyone need to go to Thailand to get good Taiwanese food? There are thousands of restaurants here that make good 清蒸魚 and dozens of other stunning dishes. You new to Taiwan? Look around, ask someone to order for you if you can’t read the menu


Well, looks like another “welcome to the forum” post is needed. No, our local favorite bovine is most definitely not new here. But you are very new to the forum, try not to step on any toes (hooves?) too soon.

Probably because you yourself suggested going to Thailand for Taiwanese food!

Edit: Bolded for clarity (which was apparently needed)


Hey, no need to get defensive. I’m not trying to attack you here. In my decades in Taiwan, I’ve never had any Taiwanese food I’d consider “great.” If it does exist, I’d like to try it. I’ve eaten in restaurants large and small, all over the island (yes, I can read the menus), but maybe I’m just unlucky. If you have any other suggestions (preferably non-seafood), I’d like to hear them.


While I can eat and even enjoy Taiwanese food, I find bold to call it cuisine. Or food.


Yang you’re a real charmer I can see that. Thanks for copying and pasting dialogue…ehh why?
Was tellling nonredneck that even in Thailand you can get some good “Taiwanese” dishes, whatever Taiwanese dishes are


Actually I thought you were the one being defensive. Lol funny thing Internet chat


Anyone who can find me some great Taiwanese food can chop my hooves off and make them into soup stock. :sunglasses:


Have you tried Thailand? I hear they have some great Taiwanese steamed fish.


I was gonna try it, but all those damn red, green and yellow curries kept getting in the way. I guess now I have something to look forward to.


Thank you for noticing! My grandma says I’m a great catch!

I was simply pointing out the contradictions in your statements.