Brits, has anyone successfully applied for a multiple entry Chinese tourist visa?


I really want to have the ability to travel to and from China from Taiwan and Kinmen island. I hold a British passport with a marriage resident certificate for Taiwan. I don’t want to apply for a new visa each time, and I was wondering if anyone has actually been successful in getting a multiple entry tourist visa, since the travel companies I called in Taiwan told me they doubt it with a British passport.


multiple entry 2 year tourist visas are the standard now for brits. its the minimum you can get as far as i know, but i don’t think you can get it outside of england, meaning hk ect.


Was yours issued in England?


i haven’t got it yet, will be trying it at christmas. last time i got one it was a few weeks before they started doing this, which is pretty annoying.


I wonder if it’s possible to have someone do it on my behalf if I mail them my passport, won’t be going back to the UK for at least a year.