Brits shop online while nude/drunk

I have shopped/surfed online while:

  • Drunk
  • Nude
  • Nude and Drunk
  • I always wear a dinner suit and tie while online

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[quote]A growing number of Britons are taking their wallets online after the pub closes, according to new research.

The number of people logging on to the internet to shop after having several drinks is on the rise, customer experience firm Conchango claims in a study into online spending behaviour.

The survey also found that people disconnect their inhibitions when surfing the net, with six per cent of Britons claiming they know someone who has shopped online in a state of undress.[/quote]

I know a lot of you post on Forumosa while drunk, what else have you done while bloto, what have you bought ? Give us the all explicit (but within the rules) details :howyoudoin:

Well I’m not a Brit, but I’ve always been drawn to Ebay when I get home from a long hard night of drinking.