Bro Conservatism

Does this phenomenon have legs or will it fade out after Trump?

Its basically 20, 30 and 40 something Alpha Betas who are all walking in goosestep listening to the same podcasts the same ‘thinkers’ and hold the same views.

Ten years earlier the majority of them were conspiracy retards (conspiratards) but now they find it more fun to argue against libtards and snowflakes on forums.

Will they age gracefully, and what happens when they start getting into politics?


If you think it will fade out after Trump, its legs should be able to carry it to 2024 if Trump wins reelection, which is looking pretty likely.


People react to the social and political environments of their time. When one sides pushes the other sides react. Is it the libtards that got more libtarded or the other way around?

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The underlying reasons driving Trump’s support are not going away. Deregulation, lower taxes, a strong economy, and a healthy doubt about the value of trading the world’s strongest economy for flat or slightly declining carbon emissions are the economic drivers. Unabashed American cheerleading of the kind that was popular even among Democrats twenty years ago and a revulsion of identity politics are the cultural drivers.

Democrats have no solutions to any of that. They have only exacerbation to offer.


oh no, you sent up the Forumosan bat signal


I agree with Trump winning 2020. UNLESS someone else enters the race.

But look at a guy like Chris Hasson, classic Bro Conservative, there are likely a lot more like him out there (remember, we are dealing with properly mentally fucked people who believe tardy conspiracy theories, the leftist agenda conspiracy is an easy one to swallow for these dumdums, and mix in a healthy dose of USA USA USA! and it becomes combustible).

You didn’t hear? Bernie announced this week :banana:

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So by “bro conservative” you mean “white nationalist nutjob”? It’s your definition, but why invent a new, misleading term when existing terms are perfectly adequate?


None of the current candidates stand a chance against Trump. Will a better candidate emerge in the coming months? It would certainly be an interesting development. I hope the Democrats get their act together at some point.


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So by “bro conservative” you mean “white nationalist nutjob”? It’s your definition, but why invent a new, misleading term when existing terms are perfectly adequate?

not as far off as you think, just takes a nuttier one to slurp up all the content out there.

Conflating white nationalism with conservatism seems a little strange, considering how the KKK was a Democrat project from the very beginning.


damn it’s almost like both parties are invested in class-infighting along racial lines :thinking:

Nope. The only name a person who rejects this toxic divisiveness from the progressive left deserves is “sane”.

Personally, I still love people of all races, sexes, sexual orientations and hope everyone is treated equally and with respect, with an added bonus of hoping people look for the best in themselves and encourage the same in others.

“Bro Conservatism” seems like another silly divisive name coming out of the noxious ever resentful and hate driven progressive left.


What? Did you quote the wrong person?

As far as the nascence of the term, I certainly believe it (as a concept, by those who wish to regard “conservative” ideas as such) is a by-product of the political atmosphere that loomed following the election results. In a sense, if it weren’t such a surprise back then I feel it would not be as extreme (opinion cited).

With that said, over time we have seen a very direct initiative by our leading news organizations to continuously harbor breaking stories with whatever Trump is doing, highlighting all the while the ever-growing rhetoric of “orinj_man_bad” in the details. With complaints on the horizon (encouraged by our President, evidently) about this sort of ill-willed behavior, subparts of the internet began to “fight back” or “counter” this by holding on to other sources of news which may or may not be biased…

I think it is growing legs now, before it was an unexpected pupae growing in its shell. The legs are due to the nutrition provided by both de facto (not always) support from Trump and distaste for progressive left, which seems to be a flame only growing stronger…

They are (as well as the progressives) simply contained by the barriers of internet forums and news article comment sections for now. Will they get into politics? Maybe, if 時勢 continues to fundamentally degrade. The essence of politics is not as it once was, but if I remember well the Bush era had it’s issues with “right-wing nutjobs” enough for political cartoon YouTube videos to have enough ground (see: JibJab) if that counts for anything.

Yes, the terrorists have won.

That’s a bit saccharine for my tastes.

I can’t tell if this is a joke or has an implication… please spare my conscience, will you?

Nope, because those that are rejecting this progressive left smorgasbord of identity politics. Want unity with all sexes, races, and people of all sexual orientation. They have no interest at all in further dividing, they want everyone to be proud of who they are. They want to see a society where people build each other up, not tear each other down.

They need not be “bro’s” or “conservatives” none of them want to have anything to do with this shit show. The only ones pushing the idea there is a break down by sex and political party is the progressive left looking to add a new name to it’s already long list of names it throws around.