Bro Conservatism

Actually, I’m pretty sure @Taiwan_Netizen just invented the term for this thread.


The madness is infuriating some. Bill Gates I think got a look at the New Green Deal and looks like he’s just about had it with stupid people.

Yet, people are mad at Trump for suggesting Saudi Arabia make the switch to nuclear power. :roll:

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You mean you want unity with all sexes races and people of all sexual orientation, so long as people from races and gender groups facing discrimination don’t point it out or ask for any concessions or changes in order to achieve that unity. If they do, they’re engaging in ‘identity politics’.

You’re all for unity, so long as it’s on your terms and you have the final say. That doesn’t really seem like unity as much as expecting certain groups to know their place.

That got that from this?
" Personally, I still love people of all races, sexes, sexual orientations and hope everyone is treated equally and with respect, with an added bonus of hoping people look for the best in themselves and encourage the same in others."

I thought Mick was just being touchy feely. :idunno:


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The whole critique of identity politics is based on the belief that racial/gender inequalities don’t actually exist and that progressives are making it up to score political points.

Libtards are always making up hateful names like that

Do people not have the same opportunities and rights?

That ain’t my critique. That sounds like a progressive critique of the real opposition to Post-Modernist Neo-Marxist hokum.

Thanks to the civil rights movement, gay rights activism and other progressive political movements, the US is far more egalitarian than it was a few decades ago.

I’m not sure what Post Modernist Neo Marxist hokum means, but sounds like a something kinda sorta interesting in an academic journal. It’s been a minute since I was in college tho.

But what are you perceiving as current inequalities in 2019. I’m not saying instances of racism, sexism, discrimination doesn’t happen to people. But it’s far from wide spread or institutionalized imo. If anything some of the current solutions are institutionalized discrimination towards perceived privileged groups.

There’s nothing hateful in the name, only the definition @Taiwan_Netizen gave it.

Sure, because philosophy and silly twin political philosophy never really have a real time impact on government, society and culture.:whistle:

Old and in the way is not an excuse. :grandpa:

Honestly, I think it’s becoming more so. The amount of information social media and whatnot collect is absolutely being bought and used by banks, insurance companies and swapped I’m sure between If you think black people are seeing the same houses on Zillow that white people are in ads, you’d be quite wrong. It’s snot racism though. It’s Datamining Marketing.

Certain philosophies have a major impact on government, society, and culture. See: Libertarianism.

I’ll raise you Marxism.

In some places maybe. Certainly not the US or Taiwan, which is what I assume we’re discussing here.

No, it’s based on the fact that categorizing and judging people solely on the basis of their immutable characteristics only serves to deepen divisions in society. It’s the very definition of racism. Reverend King had it right on this one.


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MLK was jailed for protesting mistreatment of African Americans because inequalities existed. Cops turned fire hoses and attack dogs on protestors.

You are aware of the context this quote was made in, right?