Bro Conservatism

So you think businesses are losing out on revenue using race instead of things that would allow them to know your income bracket and such.

Well, if you are unaware that what we are calling “Identity Politics” is a modern derivative of Marxism, although certainly not its equal, no wonder yer missing the connection.

No. Quite the reverse. I think they make a bundle with that kind of laser fine algorithmic marketing.

I’m aware of the cynical way ‘marxism’ and ‘identity politics’ are exaggerated and linked in the minds of people looking to downplay racial and gender inequalities that exist.

Are you implying that his quote shouldn’t apply to everybody? Because that would be racist.

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Oh, have you seen that in my posts?

Or is it other people? :popcorn:

I mean, I’m bored and I’m going to go start a winter campfire in a moment, but as you just said you are some time away from college and the connection as I’ve presented it sounds far away and “academic” are you the best person to comment on the link, exaggerated or not?

No, I’m pointing out that you are taking his quote out of context and quite obviously so.

That’s because it’s a beautifully universal statement. It attests to King’s wisdom.

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I don’t need to be in college to know a BS argument when I see it.

Enjoy your campfire.

My character is The Flash, Barry Allen from the 1970s. He was sad. His wife died. He ran fast. I mean it just writes itself.

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Comic book character appropriation. For shame. :grin:

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King would find the way you are taking his comment out of context to attack ‘identity politics’ and other attempts to discredit progressive movements towards unity misguided and offensive.

You have no idea how King would take it, and progressives quite obviously have zero interest in “unity.” King was a Republican, and I get the feeling he would look on the current divisive identity politics of the left with horror.


I shall.

Once again then, you really have already removed yourself from making any significant contribution to the discussion. S’not like I made it all up. People write about this, in books. It is taught in colleges now. It is sacrificial human fodder, willingly burned in wild abandon by politicians on both sides with the promise of curing racism by making anyone who disagrees with you racist or downplaying an accusation of racism based on nothing more than race, a shrug or a smirk. It’s a two handled tennis racket.

King gave his life leading a progressive civil rights movement in order to achieve racial equality. You’re using the term ‘identity politics’. Back in his day you would have called him a ‘rabblerouser’ and called the Montgomery bus boycott ‘identity politics’. You’re not fooling anyone, Bro.

The fact that the civil rights movement was “progressive” unfortunately has nothing to do with today’s progressive movement. Fighting for equality and judging people solely based on their race or gender are polar opposites.

You are completely unqualified to make any kind of statement about what I would have done back in his day.

You’re probably not even fooling yourself.

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I believe Malcolm said it best. Same sh*t, different decade.


The media tries its best, but people are increasingly tuning out the lies and propaganda and learning to think for themselves. I hope you can be one of them too. :wink:

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He was talking about you, Bro. Don’t get it twisted.

Have a good night.

He was talking to everybody, you included. Bon nuit.