Bro Conservatism


Bro Conservatives are not KKK, they are not evil, they are just arrogant and a bit mislead.

Typical Bro Conservative behavior:

-wears a MAGA hat or Trump 2020 shirt, ‘just to get a reaction out of people.’
-Used to be a liberal, didn’t like Hillary, now doesn’t like identity politics (ignorant of the fact they are drawn to Bro Conservatism because of their feeling that whites are getting a raw deal). will find things to dislike about the left while perpetually claiming to be one gone astray, and STILL willing to ignore or downplay the wrong on the right.
-Loves Joe Rogan’s intellect.
-Down with JBP. Claims to be a Hitchensian Atheist but willing to ignore JBP’s theist ideologies to stay on board with boot strap-up-pulling message.
-Dabbles in Libertarian banter but works for the state or receives so kind of assistance.
-Was once deep into conspiracy theories.
-Likes Bill Maher a lot less than he used to (except the Muslim bit).
-Worries about ‘reverse racism’ and anti-white sentiment because he sees it a lot (only really when arguing with other nonces on the internet but to him this is how EVERYONE on the left is).
-thinks the activity of a few Liberal Arts professors and activist students is enough to steer off-spring away from education.
-claims to have no problems with trans or gay people but really fucking hates the idea of mainstreaming their pronouns.
-“How can I be a Nazi? I listen to Ben Shapiro.” Though to be fair, the word Nazi needs to be retired unless we are talking about the actual Nazis on the far right who do organize and hold some political sway.


Would the cross be a rainbow design ?


Thanks for the interesting insight into the mind of a progressive liberal. This reads like a trigger list. Had to think about JBP, is that Jordan Peterson? He must be really getting under the progressive skins, don’t even have to mention him by name, they can just use his initials and everyone knows who they are talking abut.


This seems to be a nicer way to dress up the generalizations of conservatives that gave trump 2016. Low intelligence, rural white, nazi/klan sympathetic, homophobe.

It’s really hard to alienate a large group of people this was and not get a reaction.


This detailed list reminds me of an anti-gay screed by a repressed homosexual. I’m starting to get the feeling @Taiwan_Netizen may be a repressed bro conservative. Come on, man. It’s OK to be a bro conservative. You can come out of the closet now. :grin:


Will it involve love bombing?


Do you know what a nonce is? I once almost used it to describe myself once; fortunately I checked the meaning first.


I’ll do the first one.

Translation. I get so triggered by anyone wearing anything Trump related. Because everything revolves around me and my feelings, the only reason for wearing anything Trump related must be to incite people like me.

Solution: Grow up and stop complaining about campaign slogans that people have displayed by every candidate since forever and no one ever has ever whinged and moaned like the progressive left for the last 3 years.


Classic… No, really a fucking classic!

This is the apex of Bro Conservatism. Its not about what you do, its about the ‘trigger’ (pro tip: 95% of people don’t get triggered, despite your cute meme of the lesbian in glasses crying at the protest, its just a dumb word used by dumb people who thinks someone dumb like Trump is actually a good leader because they watched him fire someone on his reality show). Also, I am not a progressive liberal, I just think/know Trump is a fucking moron who is doing more harm than good.

That hat is worn strictly so you can be a perverse form of a conforming non-conformist.

Look at me, I am different man, I don’t fall for that shit, can’t wait to trigger some libs!!!

What, I am projecting?? that goes against the forum rules? No, actually I am doing exactly what you did a couple of posts ago.

Did you hear the latest Rogan podcast, its a dark web intellect prof talking about how he almost go fired from his school because some snowflake libtard was offended. Best news its six hours, and hey man, the guy is OK because he does jiu jitsu and is thus infallible.


More of a center right who fucking hates what the right has become


those people are right for life. Where they were extremely successful is creating the image of not just a pussified left, but of a pussified center and the mouth breathers, MAGAtards and everyone else left or right of center jumped on the tard train to Mar A Lago


“Trigger list”, there you go again…
Jordan B Peterson is a very good clinical psychologist, but a rank amateur theist who dabbles in politics to the detriment of his day job.


Well that would be a good thing because the progressive left certainly is in need of one.


I would tend to agree with that.

but with the Bro Right painting every disagreeing voice as a prog socialist, they too have a fucked world view.

this is a blip in history, don’t get mired too deep in the Trump/Brexit/Nationalist mud. its quicksand and commonsense will prevail.


The point of being triggered is to emotionally blackmail those who don’t share your point of view.

The point of being deliberately triggering is to signal that you will not pay emotional blackmail to cry-bullies.

This is how we destroy the culture of shaming. The gays figured it out first. It works for every group that we try to shame. Shaming is moral gaslighting. Simply reject it, and it is disarmed.

It’s a way of saying: “fuck you and your stupid asshole feelings. You’re not the boss of me.”


So smarmy criticism by mocking benign interests is a thing now. You didn’t chop the tree down but, by golly you’re gonna try your damnedest to climb on that stump. You’re just another pretend to be gay on draft day champion, right?


That is at least the second time you have mentioned Joe Rogan, but you listen to his pod casts ? BTW his Jujitsu is pretty good but his spinning side kick is legendary :grinning: Not at the level of “Benny the Jet” though.


I don’t think so. As a theist myself who studied a lot of theism reading the likes of CS Lewis and Tolkien. He actually explains a lot of the stuff pretty simply for even atheist to follow without bible thumping.


U mad bro?


Not at you, big fella.

Wannabe Renaissance Man on the other hand…