Broadway Cinema? Sketchy - Not Sketchy?

I’m trying to convince Erhu to go to the movies with me (actually, I already convinced her), but we’re debating on going to the Living Mall tonight or to a cinema - 百老匯 (Bailaohui ~ Broadway )sort of near where we live. Does anyone know anything about this?

I can’t remember if it is the Great Century (on Roosevelt Road near Xinsheng S. Road) that is sketchy or if the Broadway is the sketchy one. The Great Century is the second-run house… the Broadway Cinema is at Roosevelt Road, Sec. 4 and Keelung Road.

Another choice is the 學者全球影城 on Changan Road. (長安路).

Quick replies are welcomed.

Not sketchy at all, we found out (after I sprained my ankle on the way).

And despite the BBS postings we found in Chinese, the ticket seller was not “smokin’ hot” or whatever they called her in 中文.

Not a bad place to go.