Broke Back Ocean (You and Me Baby Aint Nothing but Mammals)

OK, honestly this started as a silly post where I was going to find an article about Dolphin orgies and that was all I’d post (you know, as a public announcement of sorts.) Then I ended up finding a National Geographic TV series that… well you read about it. It’s where the bolded Wild Sex is.

Some people would probably say our ability to “control” these urges are what makes us “human.” I haven’t read much on the subject on sex in society, but it seems to me that people for the most part are far to sexually repressed. We should all take notes from dolphins! :laughing:[or not :wink:]

From same page…

[quote=“NationalGeographic”]Wild Sex tells the amazing stories and bizarre behaviours that lie behind this universal urge and shows the extraordinary strategies animals use to ensure success in the highly competitive world of sex.

For humans, sex is for pleasure, for the continuation of generations, and has served evolutionary purposes. Males and females of the animal world are out for their own benefit. They rely on peculiar sexual strategies to achieve their goals with the risk of violence or death often not very far away. (sounds pretty human to me :smiley:) Animals have to find a way around conflict, and seek to satisfy their need to procreate in any way they can.

Homosexuality, incest, hermaphrodite sex orgies, and necrophilia, you name it

Or, it could be all those hormones we’re flushing into the sea. The latest discoveries might be the reult of our latest impact on the environment.

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Note: Here’s the video: … =bad+touch

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[quote=“Comrade Stalin”]Note: Here’s the video:

[Bad Touch- the music video "“You and Me Baby…”[/quote]
Thought I’d clean up that link. I though it was going to be a video of the “Delphinus Delight” in action. :astonished: