Broken dehumidifier

Title says it all really.

Anyone know if I can take it to be repaired or if I have to just buy a new one? Also, how much do the things usually cost, as the one I have was here when I moved in two years ago.

It was just when I was came back home today after walking the dog, the humidity inside made me want to go back out again.

Check the website of the company to see if it was included in the big recall list -hope you get a new one free then. Those thinsg are pretty dangerous, make sure you take it back to teh proper house representative in Taiwan for repairs/checking. I use Zhuen Guo Dien tzu. They will give you an estimate and confirm with you if you want it repaire or not. Sometimes is small stuff -I’ve had most things done for 300 nts or less - but if it goe sover 1000 nts, then buy a new one. Moreover: how old is it? As previously said, those things are a bit dangerous, so also be careful when buying anew one -reputable, durable, not on recall list.

You have to contact the company and ask them for the estimate, as Icon says. If it’s not that old, and the repair is not that much, then repair it – especially if it is a more expensive model.