Broken iPhone 6S screen

So someone dropped their iPhone and shattered the screen. Anyone know how much Dr Apple charges to replace it?

Should be NT$ 4,790

Of course, third party repair shops might do it cheaper. But they might use non-Apple spare parts.

How badly broken? Some shops can repair some phones for $1000-$1500. Had an iPhone 6 and Samsung done recently.

Screens were shattered but they put an epoxy like material on the screen and then another layer on top and it almost looks like no damage now.

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Yeah that’d do it. I just bought an iPad so the phone is really just my hotspot now.

I can’t go to Apple cos they take weeks. This is the bat phone, needed to be contactable by head office.

Takes 20 minutes. Most street side repair shops do it. I went to some near the night market and they all do it but some only do iphones.

Don’t give them your mobile number like I did, when I had my battery done at Dr Apple, I started getting massive amounts of spam texts, not long afterwards. I actually ended up disconnecting the number and getting a new one the texts were so frequent.