Brolly Bodge

Someone knicked or mistakenly took mine from the library vestibule rack, and I was left with an old one transformed by loose wire rib ends into an efficient blinding machine. Seems to be a common failure mode.

Drinking straw section sheaths the scary wire end, split chopstick section secures the fabric. Pretty sure no one will take this one.

Might glue it later in case it gets blowy



Field Repair

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That’s awfully charitable of you.

Could happen. Not saying it did.

A middle road would be the "cascade effect ", someone knicks thiers so they knick someone else’s (of similar style for plausible deniability) etc, etc. You can see I’ve thought this through - as a purely theoretical exercise.

Well, no, I was in such a “chain” and as the identifiable furriner, got nailed by CCTV. Lucky not to be deported.

Of course there was somehow no CCTV evidence on whoever knicked MY brolly.

Anyway, it was a fair cop, but society was to blame.

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Could have blamed it on poor visibility due to weather conditions.

Then it wouldn’t have been a fair cop.

was (s)he?

No constabulary involved, fortunately.

I had to research this one

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