"Brownface" in Singapore and "Chinese privilege"

This is patently ridiculous, especially since white people think we’re all brown, it’s all the same to them.

" In the United States and Australia, “blackface” — the darkening of skin by lighter-skinned or white people in order to “play” a minority character — has a long history. In the U.S., its origins lie in minstrelsy, and in Australia in anti-indigeneity."

Looks like I can stop reading

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i don’t mind being called paleface by dem injuns

"Growing up in Singapore, I’ve had every single aspect of my appearance mocked. My thick eyebrows, my unruly curls, my dark skin, my big eyes, my hairy arms: all part of an elaborate joke. & my indianness was the punchline. "

i know chinese do look down on indians, but big eyes are considered the best thing since sliced bread in asia. i don’t see curls and eyebrows being looked down on either. dark skin and hairy arms yes. 2/5.

Sometimes I wonder whether the rapper Ghost face killer is an adaptation of the native American paleface and the Cantonese 鬼老.