Browser problem


I don’t know what i did, but whenever i open up more than one web browser, the first one automatically turns off.

I think i might have installed something?? or changed some settings?? anybody have a solution? I’d like to be able to open multiple browsers…


“Turns off”? You mean closes? Or something else? And which browser are you using?

Yes, closes. I’m using internet explorer.

Please help!!

Strange. Perhaps not what you are asking for, but how about trying a different browser like e.g. Opera.
It supports tabbed browsing (several sites open in one browser window) and multiple browsers.

I’m just guessing here but maybe you have installed XP SP2 if you are using windows xp. I noticed after installing sp2 that IE can already block pop-ups and other stuffs.

I suggest you try other multi-tabbed software so as not to clutter your desktop like opera, netscape or firefox. Opera is my favorite and is the fastest browser I have tried so far.

Check the IE icon on yr task bar. The SP2 seems to be a bit conscientious about consolidating multiple open browsers into a single icon. It labels as IE1, IE@, etc.

(damn that was a wordy sentence)