Bruce Willis (16 Blocks)

Bruce Willis, in interview in China Post today, for his film “16 Blocks”

Nice quote from the old man:

“I remember saying when I was a kid, 50 seemed so old - 50 is, like, your life’s over. And I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life. I think we’re all only as old as we feel in our heart. I feel about 24, 25 in my heart,” says Willis, who looks lean and fit. “And science being what it is and making enormous leaps and bounds - I’m counting heavily on science, let’s just say that.”

AND he’s dating Sports Illustrated SuperModel Petra Namcova.

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I’m a huge bruce fan. Just saw it last night, alone I’ll confess. My girlfriend wanted to be with her mom and for some strange reason none of my other pals who are women wanted to see it. All the guys I know wanted to go to catch the action at Carnegies.

Good flick, but didn’t get part of the end. Why did the baddie cop let the witness go when his time for testimony expired? They expended all this firepower trying to nail him.

Only other quibble was that bruce didn’t shoot enough people. But he certainly made a great role model for pushing in out and getting a good day’s work, despite gimpy leg and a terrific hangover. :wink:

Since I know how the movie ends now, I doubt I will go see it.

I resisted reading the second last thread. I started to read and stopped when I saw the poster was talking too much about the movie.

Don’t you just fucking hate it when people do that.

I’m just waiting for the dowload right now. 76.4% complete.

Bah! What a stupid movie.


Initially the movie was boring and Mos Def (or whatever his name is) is just annoying. However after the pace picked up it wasn’t too bad, though overall just another average action flick, IMO.

My view is that it initially had some promise and then ended up as a bag of shit.

Oops,didnt mean to seem to give away the end.

The part I’m referring to is only 7/8th through the film and are still more turns and twists before the end.

I think you either love Bruce or hate him. He’s the US answer to Jackie Chan, only without all the gangster connections that Jackie has.