Brunch with Booze in Kaohsiung - Where is it?

Arkansas Diner for brunch with booze.

Champagne or wine brunch at one of the nicer hotels.

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Arkansas Diner doesn’t have booze. They have beer. No bloody mary = no brunch. It’s great breakfast food, though! Bonus points for the pickle juice shots.

Stillllll looking for legit brunch in Kaohsiung.


If can wait till noon and aren’t picky about having breakfast type food then go enjoy nice beach view and forget about the rest of the day.

Cijin Sunset Bar 旗津沙灘吧

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Check out beer belly

They have booze. I had their English breakfast a couple years ago. Looks like the menu has changed a lot. Also Google maps says they only open at night now… They did used to serve brunch on weekends. Maybe someone else knows


I agree with this. Canada too. Mimosas and eggs benedict. Also caesars as it was invented in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Crawl onto the TRA train ~45 min to Tainan and go here for a bloody mary brunch in a glass.


Great place, depending where you are 30-60 min. drive from urban Kaohsuing

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Ha, thanks, but yes, “breakfast type food” is probably the most essential component of brunch. I am a fan of this bar, though. They have a decent bloody mary, at least. If you combined their bar menu with Arkansas Diner’s food, you’d have brunch!


Looks like yet another evening-only place. So weird. Bloody marys in the evening make about as much sense as martinis in the morning.

No no, they do brunch on the weekends until 3pm

I often travel there from Kaohsiung :grin:

They need to change their Google listing, then. Hours are listed as 5-10:30PM Wednesday through Sunday. I’m glad to know they have brunch, though. I’m still perplexed by why it’s so hard for anyone in the larger city of Kaohsiung to have it.

The really expensive hotels will be able to knock up the brunch you desire plus a Bloody Mary, won’t they?

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Unfortunately @ThaiJuan I think you may be SOA. I now know what you mean and would also like a wet brunch (not just Bloodys, but Mimosas too!), but I’m drawing a blank now. I think the best you can do is see if Landis (owner of Arkansas) is cool with you bringing your own vodka nip to give his OJ or coffee (don’t know if he had tomato juice) a bite… he might be.

I went to check out one of my haunts for you today that I thought would have what you needed - “Humble Beginnings” - they used to have a restaurant area downstairs and a bar upstairs, but sadly the moved the bar to another location now :frowning:

I’m pretty sure Michino’s has alcohol too - but I don’t know about the bloody mary.

Hmm? Most every diner will offer Bloody Mary for breakfast from about 4 am. Tides you over from the last whiskies you had at 3:30. After the midnight tequila shots.

Maybe your only reference is Salt Lake City.

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Not SLC. I guess I just move in different (highly caffeinated) circles. :upside_down_face:


What’s wrong with martinis in the morning? You know it’s always night time somewhere!

One of the great things about bars in international airports. No one gives a rats arse if you order a martini with your bacon sandwich at 6 am local.

Well. Obviously only in proper international airports. Not in Taoyuan!

Damn, again something useless learned: The definition of Brunch :smiley:

Before googling that, I would have suggested Bavarian white sausage breakfast with beer, but it seems that doesn’t qualify. And also German Soul Kaohsiung seems to only open in the evening.

Anyway: Thanks a lot guys, knowing about your Brunch with cocktails etc. habits I feel a lot better now drinking beer for breakfast :beers:

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Taoyuan airport; home of the most depressing cafe when you get in at 5am. No other choices… just some dimly lit, homely cafe that looks like a place where dreams die as fast as the coffee grounds are burned.


Bottle of Kagone tomato juice from the FamilyMart plus a mini bottle of peach flavored vodka (it’s all they’ll have). Mix them together then off up to Burger King.

You’re welcome!