BSc certificate needs translating

Hi all,

My school, in Tamshui, are trying to get my degree certificate translated so that I can renew my ARC, and they’ve turned to me for help…OH SHIT!!

Does anybody know where I can have it translated, and how long it will take. And, is it really necessary?


I don’t think so. It wasn’t necessary in my case, anyway.

I had to. I show the same authorised translation for ARC renewals every year. I suppose that only certain translation companies are authorised for this purpose. My boss sorted it out and we’re not in Taipei anyway, so I can’t recommend a particular company, sorry.

I didn’t need to get mine translated. I think English or Chinese is OK. I do remember someone with a degree from Trinity College Dublin having to get a translation because the degree cert was in Latin. That must have been fun in Taiwan !