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Don’t know if anyone here watched BSG, at least the re-imagining version of it. The space combat scenes are pretty amazing, yet official BSG games never attempted to duplicate that experience. Back when the series was still airing, fans gathered to make a BSG freespace 2 MOD called Beyond the Redline. It was decent, mostly a multi-player game though. But after the first demo, the team split due to creative differences, and BtRL never went any further.

Now the team that split off is officially releasing their version, Diaspora. Also freespace 2 MOD, but so much more. there’s a cockpit for both the vipers and raptors. There is a working DRADIS inside the cockpit. It looks amazing.

Freespace 2 is in my opinion the best space sim there ever was. The engine has been improved over the years by the open source community. You wouldn’t be able to tell the game is 13 years old.

Ubuntu instructions:
ok, i later got the torrent to go, and this is a document of the missing packages on my rather vanilla Ubuntu setup at home. I am running Ubuntu 11.04 at home.

What I had to install to get the fs2_open/ to pass


sudo apt-get install autoconf libvorbis0a libvorbis-dev libtheora0 libtheora-dev libopenal-dev liblua5.1-0 liblua5.1-0-dev

make took a while for fs2_open… i would probably use -j4 or something to speed it up.

To get the wxlauncher working, the packages to install are


sudo apt-get install cmake wx-common libwxgtk2.8-0 libwxgtk2.8-dev mercurial markdown python-markdown

Having done the above, there should be no problem building the game following what’s in the README.txt

Thanks for the recommendation. Freespace2 is only US$6 at Good Old Games:

That’s about what I’d be looking to spend on a video game.

[quote=“Formosa Fitness”]Thanks for the recommendation. Freespace2 is only US$6 at Good Old Games:

That’s about what I’d be looking to spend on a video game.[/quote]

Diaspora is free, since freespace 2 engine is open source now, you don’t need the actual game to play the mod.

But then of course I won’t stop anyone from playing freespace 2, it’s a damn good time. Well worth 6 bucks, heck well worth 4 times that. But if you want to get into the original game, definitely get yourself an USB game pad with analogue controls.

However, graphics of the original game itself might seen a little outdated. The open source engine is what kept the game current.