Bubba 2 Guns vs. Car...Car loses

“Bring the cannoli…”

TTIWWOP :smiley:

Taiwan cop " What happened to the hood of her car?"
B2G: “After she ran into me, I rested my hand on it.”

Hey Folks Taiwanese Math Lesson!

 3 Alley Cats Pizzas w/ 4 salads $1650NT
 1 Shoei Helmet $26,000NT 
 1 AGV Helmet $11,000 NT
 1 West Coast Choppers T-shirt $2,000NT
 1 Awesome flight jacket with Bad ass Skull Ensignia $3,000NT
 Medical bill for Soon-to be-Mrs. Bubba and B2G $1,500NT.
 1 slightly worn Fuzzy Scooter I've had for a week (I can't believe I actually owned something called a "FUzzy") $15,000NT
 Taxi ride from hospital to Chief's house $100NT.
 1 pair of jeans -now shorts but blood soaked- $1000N
  Lost vacation weekend    -priceless

And the compensation price was…


  :loco:  :loco:  :loco:  :loco:  :loco:  :loco:  :loco:  :loco:  :loco:  :loco:  :loco:

But you and the missus are ok? That’s the important thing…

She is currently cying and generally dealing with physical pain and post-traumatic stress (she’s been crying for the past hour)

I’ve logged it up as my 47th near-death experience and a hole in my forearm-thanks Maoman for asking and I want to thank The Chief and Mrs.Chief for helping us out at the hospital, police, further bandages et. these people are the salt-of the earth and I am lucky that I have such good friends.

My bike’s fucked so when The Chief took me back to the scene i told him to “Leave the bike and take the Cannoli.”

:astonished: Sorry to hear 'bout this, dude. Glad you’re both in one piece, though.

Glad you two are ok. Sorry your girl’s feeling bad.

Shitheads. Grrarrrr.

Still waiting for pix of trashed car. Glad to hear you guys are okay.

You’re not actually going to let this fool off with 15k are you?

I only took pics with my phone (Can’t figure out how to download them just now)

I took pics with my gal’s phone of her legs-(she needed stitches.) She’s got nice legs actually. The asshole who hit us told her "If I give you more money will that make you heal quicker? "

My G-friend explained how this woman wrecked our bike, physically injured us and ruined our holiday. Nothing. My G-friend took the money. If Soon-to-be Mrs.Bubba wasn’t there I’m sure I would have dismantled her car with my hands.

Frankly I wasn’t expecting getting anything in compensation. It’s good to know that I can plow into someone and put them in the hospital and it’ll only cost me $15,000NT. (So I’ll be renting a blue truck on Monday and waiting outside her house)

Thanks again to all the well wishers. I’ve always said to be careful out there (check my crash of the week photos thread) guess I’ll have to post my own pics now.

We were both wearing full face helmets-I recommend getting one-there is a fine thread here on inexpensive ones sold here in Taiwan. My kevlar padded racing gloves did there job too. My gal wasn’t wearing gloves and her hands look like they’ve been through a meat grinder.

I counter-steered and it saved our lives. What could have been a full speed 60KPH crashed became a side swiping spill and we lived. I was practicing my countersteering the night before trying to get the feel of the new bike. If you don’t know this technique watch Mordeth’s videos-I think he’s back on U Tube-I know most people think he’s an A-hole but his video could save your life-(sorry Mordeth- :wink: )

I learned countersteering from a California Highway patrolman at a court ordered driving school after getting busted in a highspeed chase on my 500cc Honda Interceptor.

"If I give you more money will that make you heal quicker? "

… why didn’t you say YES!!!

dayum~ sorry to hear about this… seems to be the season for accidents atm… I"m getting the final pins outta my thumb tonight… hope your missus gets better soon and good to hear that you’re ok~

Just to be clear, these two are the same person, right? :smiley:

Dam that sucks. I’m glad you guys are okay. I was also hit by a car with my then girlfriend (now wife) on back a few years ago. Thankfully it was a low speed impact, just some road rash, good thing we were both wearing full gear. This should remind us that when riding, make sure your passenger is wearing proper protection as well. So I guess your g-friend will definitely become your missus now. You know what they say, you break it you buy it. Actually, that’s what my buddy said to me after I crashed with my wife on back. Again, hope you guys a speedy recovery, and a quick death for the idiot driver who hit you guys.

wow glad u guys ok , considering . thats why im too chicken to ride motos in taiwan again .

spent two years doing that and came out ok tho.

Glad you’re OK. Should have taken the prick to the cleaners though. If the roles had been reversed he would have for sure.

“Its your health you should be thinking about right now monkey nuts.”

B2G -
Sorry to hear about the wreck. Hope you both heal up quickly.