Bubble Bath

Maybe I’m just missing it when I search, but I can’t seem to find any in the supermarkets. I’ve tried my son’s bubble mixture but it just doesn’t work.

You most definitely want to check out LUSH! It is heaven on Earth.
www.lush.com for information in pretty much any language you can imagine.

expensive stuff ie 1500nt can be found at l’occitane but the regular stuff isn’t here. i get mine from friends & family

One more vote for Lush, their bubble baths are great! There’s one in the Breeze shopping center (taipeiguide.blogspot.com/2006/10 … enter.html). Instead of supermarkets I would also try the drugstores like Watsons.

I got some just by closely scanning the shelves at Carrefour. A Chinese speaker told me that in Chinese they would probably use the same characters as for shower gel, but I found something called ‘cream bath’ in English that works okay. It does come in the obligatory 1 litre bottle though!

One of retailers sells a lot of imported, more natural brands of bath and beauty products online. You can pay Cash on Delivery or by ATM transfer.

I just found out they are clearing out their Meadows foaming bath salts (down from 900+ to 199/bottle) I really like that stuff. http://www.aromafamily.com.tw/product-p.php?classid=b2&prod_id=66

The NZ Ecostore range had some, too, but they are waiting for their new stock to come in.

You can contact them using the following:
Tel: 04-23016715 ‧傳真:04-23023630‧E-mail:info@aromafamily.com.tw

They can’t speak English, but can read it OK. If you really want to order but need help, drop me a PM.