Buddha's Birthday Events?

Hello, I’ll be visiting Taiwan in May and I’m wondering what events will be taking place for the Buddha’s birthday. I’m also wondering what its exact date is this year. It’s the eighth day of the fourth moon–some are calling that the 15th and some the 16th, it seems. Thanks.

A lot of temples have a washing Buddha ceremony. Zhangshan temple behind National Chenchi Universty in Mucha let’s anyone willing pour a ladle of water over the Buddha. Small gesture but pleasant.

I imagine other places have bigger ceremonies. If you are interested in Buddhism you should go to the Chung Tai Chan temple in Puli. Massive modern structure with beautiful sculpture and relief, and cool architectural features. Nuns there are taught by a few resident foreigners so you can get half day tours of the complex in English. There’s probably no better or more inspiring place to get an intro to Buddhist history, thought, iconography and traditions (in English) than here.

Check out the new Lonely Planet for more info.

Hi all,

Please can someone write to me where and when can I see the bigest Buddha’s birthday festival in Taipei? (2009 April I think 8)
Like here:
youtube.com/watch?v=wwQH5yPb … re=related

Is there a birthday event today?