Buddhist retreats near Taoyuan county

Does anyone know of any Zen Buddhist retreats near Jungli City? It would be nice to find a place with a good peaceful environment. I’d like to find something that isn’t a money thing with some instruction in English. Any leads?

While flying from Vancouver to Taipei last year I met a monk on the plane. He was very friendly and invited me to visit his temple. The name of the temple is Yuan Guang Chan Temple it is in Zhongli near the CKS airport. I don’t know the exact address, but the phone number is 427 2620. The monk’s name is Xing Kai.

By the way Zen is a Japanese form of Buddhism. What you will find in Taiwan is Chan the Chinese form of Zen (although Zen is just the Japanese pronunciation of Chan).

Thanks for the information.

I should add a link for the temple I mentioned (the website is in Chinese)