Buddhist Temples at/in Taoyuan and Taipei


(Where are they?)



this is somewhat broad …

there are a ton of temples all around Taoyuan. you can’t help truipping over them if you take a walk around the city.

the most famous (imo?) is the confucian temple at the base of tiger head mountain. quite impressive.

there is also another temple nearby that was built during the japanese occupation. instead of turning up the road to go to tiger head, keep going past taoyuan senior high along that road that eventually leads to lin ko. 2 minutes past the taoyuan veteran’s hospital, there is a set of stairs on the right. climb them, and there is a great temple there that i much prefer, as it’s quiet and not so full of people. there are fixing it up, as it’s almost completely made of wood, and some termite-like creaures had been chomping on it. but still impressive.

not much fun in this weather though …


(Where are they?)
They’re everywhere Mate! You just can’t miss’em. Honest.
Where do you live and where have you been looking?