Buffalo Router and 3 Static IPs

I have a Buffalo AirStation NFiniti High Power router and have a Chunghwa contract with 3 static IPs. When I was wireless, I just entered my static IPs into my 3 PCs and it worked. I can’t figure out how to enter all three into my router. It only seems to let me use one. Is it limited to one? If not, how do I do more?

A router does NAT translation, which lets multiple computers share one external static ip. If you actually want these computers with static ips, the EASIEST way to do this is to connect the modem to a hub, have the 3 computers you want external connected to that, and set up the static ips on that. If you want 2 using the static ips, and the router using the 3rd to share with the rest of your computers, then connect the router and the 2 computers to the hub.

Hey Reaperjim. Is there any particular reason why you need to use all three static IPs here? You can, as mentioned, set up the router with any one of them, then let the router just assign IP numbers to the computers automatically. Once behind the “shield” of the router, the computer’s IP numbers are effectively irrelevant to the outside world.