Bug invasion

I don’t think they are cockroaches, but in the past week these medium sized bugs have been invading my 36th floor apartment. When I look out the balcony they are all over the side of the building. When I squish/kill them they smell like minty/cleaning product and have a blue-like goo inside. The body is skinnier than a cockroach. They fly and I don’t know if they bite. Does anyone know what they are or how to keep them away??

do their wings fall off easily?

No need to kill them. They’re a kind of beetle, totally harmless and rather cute. Just catch them in your hand and throw them out the window to fly away and live another day. They won’t do you any harm at all, but will just leave a strong though not unpleasant smell on your hand.

Our building was covered in millions of them for a few days at about this time last year. Unfortunately, the building managers brought in some pest control people to attack them with insecticide, which probably did us far more harm than the poor little insects ever would have.