There’s a really weird bug.

Whenever I try to open a thread in which the last poster was Durin’s Bane (there’s 3 of them at the mo) I get a message “Fatal error getting user info”. If I click on Durin’s Bane’s name, I get

[quote]phpBB : Critical Error

ERROR: Getting Global Variables!


SQL Error : 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax near ‘s Bane’’ at line 1 [/quote]


Been getting the same problem…

I’ve noticed that Durin’s Bane has dropped the apostrache from his name (THANK YOU!)

This caused the error becuase the single apostrophe seemed to be “closing out” the variable, rendering the rest of the code meaningless for the software to understand.

In other words, do NOT use apostrophes in your name because they might confuse the software.

This is surprising to me because it isn’t difficult to prohibit or automatically convert certain characters upon registration. Then again, it’s difficult enough for the like’s of me, who would need a LOT of time trying to program this in :blush:

When I click “Active 100”, “Logout [ali]” on the top right turns into login fields but does not log me out. The rest of the links are fine.