Bugs and secret surveillance

First, no i don’t puff or smoke !

I heard secret filming and bugging is very common in Taiwan ie love hotels, landlords, business espionage etc etc.
Is there a fairly cheap device to see if a hotel room or business meeting room is being bugged (i think in the US you say tapped). If so where can you buy it and if you have one did you ever discover you were being bugged or secretly filmed in Taiwan or anywhere else ?

You can buy the devices here. There was a shop near my place a few years ago that sold them along with stun guns, batons, and hidden cameras. It closed but I am sure there are other places. The universities also use them to check rooms and apartments for students - or so I heard.

Cheap? Well you can have a look at www.spyshopusa.com to see the range of prices. Not sure on prices in Taiwan.

Bugged for room/auto/office recording/transmittal devices - tapped for telephonic intercepts is the terminology.
Clandestine video/still pictures are usually called being surveilled. As in ‘surveillance.’

The devices are pretty easy to get. As are the devices to discover the bugs and taps.
Surveillance cameras and people shooting pics are pretty hard to suss out. Just ask them for enlargements and extra copies when they hit you for blackmail. That should befuddles them a bit while you jump in your waiting Aston Martin and zoom off leaving a mist of diesel fuel on the roadway.

By the way, the material will be available tomorrow after 6:00 p.m. Usual location behind the bin lang booth.
Leave the envelope under the yellow rock. Take 3 steps, turn around and take the newspaper from the buddhist priest who will be passing on your right side. Instructions will be within.

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This paranoia-inducing society ois going to cause me to live a life of integrity. It’s easier to live with integrity than to find those devices. But if I should chance upon one, I’d excoriate its owner.