bugs in food.

[quote=“BHL4life, post:23, topic:160779”]how big was it? i find those small ones in broccoli a lot. local thinking is that it means the food isn’t loaded with chemicals.

Well… I mean, that’s a reasonable assumption I guess.

Small caterpillars don’t skeeve me out. I’d just flick the little bastards away and not think twice. Only cockroaches or evidence of rats being around (hair, droppings, rat-sized bites) turns me off.

Pretty sure it’s wade giles for ㄅㄧㄢˋㄉㄤ

I don’t mind finding a bug in produce that’s supposed to be there. My daughter was freaked out when I picked some lettuce from the back yard in Texas and found a caterpillar. Roaches crawling, that’s another thing…

I saw some small roaches in the baked bread rack at a Subway today. Eh, still ate there. I think that means I’ve accepted roaches crawling over food as a part of life in Taiwan.

Oh man, I only eat there (a place I’d never go to in the states) because I foolishly assume they’re held to some higher globalized standard for international chain restaurants. In other words, I go there because I think that’s the one place I won’t get cockroach food. :frowning:

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Subways are already kind of skeevy in the U.S., so when you add a little Taiwanese chabuduoism into the mix, what do you expect? Subways here are regular roach motels.


Did you eat the rest? In my book, if you ate the rest, they did enough.
People eat bugs all the time.
“The FDA’s Defect Levels Handbook lays it all out. Staples like broccoli, canned tomatoes, and hops contain “insect fragments”–heads, thoraxes, and legs–and even whole insects. (I won’t tell you about the rat hair limits…) Fig paste can harbor up to 13 insect heads in 100 grams; canned fruit juices can contain a maggot for every 250 milliliters; 10 grams of hops can be the home for 2,500 aphids.”

Well, my thinking is the closed Western layout with cleaning check cards has to be cleaner than the open-air slop houses that just have unrefrigerrated food sitting in bowls on the sidewalk all day. But I guess there’s no safe havens from roaches here. McDonalds maybe? But then I’d have to actually eat the food too!

Does it say what the maximum allowable number of clowns is in one of them little cars??

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of course i didn’t eat it. i guess bug isn’t descriptive enough for how foul it was. i went elsewhere afterwards because i basically still needed to eat a meal. although i didn’t eat that much, my appetite wasn’t the same. i think part of the problem was the manager didn’t actually see it so she wasn’t aware of how severe it was. if it happens to me again i will handle it differently.

this was definately the worst food experience i have had here. number 2 was the time i saw a rat run across the night market i was at and disappear under the vendor i was getting food from while zero people noticed / gave a fuck.

thanks for the heads up about subway… i do go there from time to time, guess not anymore.

and yea those caterpillars don’t really bother me. it was just an eye opener when i first started finding them, an eye opener to how many i have probably eaten already…

Coincidentally, a friend just had a cockroach encounter in a restaurant at the Dynasty Hotel yesterday. She was having the set business lunch with two other friends, and one friend found a fingernail-length cockroach in her soup. The staff was very apologetic and footed the bill for all three. They also gave two free business lunch coupons to use on another occasion.

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You need Guinness rather than “The FDA’s Defect Levels Handbook” to determine clowns allowed per car.

Apparently the determination involves evocation of the “Ringling-Fournier Suspended Base Algorithm”

Sorry, but I don’t believe you.
That part about you having a friend is just too much . . .
And since when did we start measuring cockroaches in fingernails?:rolling_eyes:

Hardy har. I’m just quoting her verbatim. I guess ladies measure things with their small, dainty fingernails. Maybe you can go to the Dynasty with a dead roach and test your hypothesis.

It’d look suspicious if I used the same bug and same number of friends.
Maybe I’ll take a nightcrawler and a nightcrawler friend.

That should be good for three vouchers at least. Although a nightcrawler in the soup may actually be an improvement.

[quote=“zender, post:30, topic:160779, full:true”]
(I won’t tell you about the rat hair limits…) [/quote]
Iirc it’s higher than the squirrel hair limit because it’s taken for granted that there will be plenty of rats, but plenty of squirrels would be going too far.

How about raccoon hair? :ponder:

How about human hair?

Today’s lunch surprise…